Why Exatraveller

11329767_10206826308476202_488268019925111754_nHii World!

This page is for all the traveller and also for tourists, and is by Pradeep Chamaria an engineer by profession and an avid nature and adventure lover. My love for travelling to unknown vistas, exploring unseen places, trying and tasting local delicacies has taken me to places where a normal person wont dare to go.

The definition of the name  I have assigned to my blogs – Exa in Latin means Infinity and Traveller means Traveler – Together it means Traveller for the infiniive  times.

Besides adventure travelling, luxury travelling, love for good vegetarian food, and exotic lifestyle has helped me over the years to get more n more in-depth information on life and I try to bring to you in-depth reviews on various travel destinations, good food, information on places to go for holidays, and activities to do and enjoy, eco-tourism, natural health products etc.

I strongly believe that experience is much more important than the literature. Reporting from a press release or literature provide by the client is inexcusable for me. So I like to report or post reviews based on my personal experiences. I report only the destinations which I have myself personally experienced.

I hope my efforts will be liked and you will share the information with your near and dear ones.

I also provide consultations on destinations, planning holidays, photography assignments and reviewing of various places. hotels, restaurants, spas, ayurvedic / herbal spas and other properties.


I can be contacted at 0-90156 14319

and at



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