Journey of an Artist



An artist since childhood, Sheela Chamaria started her initial discipline from Triveni Kala Sangam in 1992. In the meanwhile also worked under German artist Micheal T. She is one of the few artist who loves to experiment with different medium. Her work has been shown at reputed centres in India and aboard.

The visual format of Sheela`s work has a somewhat, formal inter play of colours and shape, producing optical sensation of both harmony and rhythm. Over the years Sheela`s work has moved from figurative to semi figurative and geometric.

Sheela`s work is sensitive and sensual, critics often refer her as having a “mysterious, rythmic quality of love and emotion, of possesing clarity and definite ideas, and consistent thematic concepts to convey to the viewers”.

various sculptures

various sculptures

Sheela`s work also moves through a phase of highly personal form of semi abstract expression. Her painting achieves this effect by juxtaposition of large areas of space with textures via a innovative use of wax on paper, or sometimes wax, copper foil, oil on paper.

Sheela`s work has always been a projection of her inner thought and reflection of her personality.The unclutterd forms created by her concentrate on line, form and space, giving her sculpture a very structured look. Expression is kept bare minimum, only body language—just enough to project her own thought.

Over the years Sheela`s work has evolved in term of vitality and expression. She exploits the geometric properties of her forms creating images of the human body with a purity of thoughts that transcends deliberation and control. She uses bronze in varing  finishes, at times with regular patina, or patina with splash of vibrant colours, creating wonderful contrast in unorthodox form. She has also worked with ceramics concentrating on Raku glazes and combining it with bronze. Sheela`a art is not merely a painting or sculpture  but an experience in realism.

Wax paintings and Copper murals

Wax paintings and Copper murals

She at time also like to do embossed i.e. hand beaten – copper and brass wall pieces, which is very fascinating and expressing the human relationship which is just not seen but felt upon too, through form, colour and texture.n also a installation titeld” magical moment/sooo special”.

In brief, positive outlook, strong sense of moods and hues, clean forms and sound use of medium makes Sheela`s effort worth an applaud.

Her works are in collection  of Luxor Group, Oswal Group, Stevens Inst. Of Tech., USA, British High Commissioner to India 2004-2007, and Deputy British High Commissioner 2003-2006, Jindal Group, Ms. Priya Paul, Dalmia, Burmans (Dabur group), Ranbaxy and many in various private collection in India and abroad.

Critiques’ reviews

“Delicate human sentiments expressed with great sensitivity in work of sculptural power…”   E.Alkazi

“She seems to have impressed commoisserurs and commoners alike …. her work speaks to visitor with there musicality. Vitality and positivity…”   Ratnottama Sen Gupta

“Excellent sculpture…a good serious show…”  Suneet Chopra      590092664

“Relationships – tender, loving and caring captured in malleable forms etched in timelessness that is universal as it is eternal …”

“The material that the artist has chosen for this series is bronze – not easy to work in by any standards, but she has managed to tame the substance to express her calling”

“Who can forget the wonderful tradition of the Chola period bronzes – contemporary sculptors like Sheela will hopefully keep the flag flying in their attempts to explore new idioms in this tough medium.”  Alka Raghuvanshi


Sheela has also been doing commissioned large size work for corporates and collectors. She is also an expert in casting products like  Baby’s Keepsakes (Impressions of baby;s hands and feet.She has also been conducting sculpture workshops at her studio as well as for various Art Galleries and various corporate leadership training programs, NGOs. She has been invited to judge various arts contests in Schools and colleges.

Sculptures and murals

Sculptures and murals


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