SLAP’s Women safety & street survival workshop at Mrs. Delhi NCR 2015

Women safety & street survival workshop

Help Help …. Help …silence — long silence followed by a long long feminine shriek …….

Sounds like a Bollywood movie scene – Right friends?…

But that is the sad reality today  – if we believe the official figures then a woman gets raped or physically assaulted every 20 minutes today. As a MAN,  shouldn’t I feel ashamed of this – well I am. About you and others, I am sure you will also be feeling somewhere in your heart about this strongly.

“A sweet 8 year old girl asked a stranger for a password when he said that he knows her mother and that her mother has asked him to bring her back home from school. Quite surprised, he said why? The girl replied that you are a stranger for me, so if my mother has sent you to fetch me then she must have given you the password…..  ”

“An young lady while getting back home from work in a cab got attentive when the ab driver deviated form normal route on pretext of taking a short cut. She immediately took her cell and pretended as if she was talking to her parents – this distracted the driver and soon they were back on normal route…… ”

“Nobody listens to HELP HELP shout outs and shrieks on lonely streets during dark nights (today even in broad daylight) and the poor victim is all by herself to protect her or be a victim of a MCP society that we live in.”



Similar stories echoed when 24 Elegant finalists of MRS Delhi NCR 2015 attended a workshop by SLAP (Street Level Awareness Program) on  Women Safety and street survival. A few ladies shared stories of their own heroics – how they defended themselves… and so on..

This was a first of its kind workshop during a Beauty Pageant. The pageant is currently ongoing – MRS Delhi NCR 2015 at Country Inn and Suites in Gurgaon.

All the 24 finalists of the pageant had at least one story to share during the workshop about their past experiences. And every story in the end had only one conclusion – the lack of awareness and conditioning in handling an assault situation.

These participants were taken through an interactive session with Ms Mriganka Dadwal, Founder SLAP and practical demonstration of certain basic survival skills (Krav Maga  – Israeli self defense system) was also organised.

All the elegant ladies participated happily in the interaction session and also in practical lessons. Ishita and Prashant, instructors of Ultimate Survival Krav Maga were present during the workshop to train the elegant lady participants.

What was witnessed and experienced was a very successful and satisfying completion of a very well organised workshop. Every one was happy in the end and all the ladies praised and promised to further take up this practice of self defense.

Today more and more women step out in the modern society to work, shop or for social obligations, so is the increase in incidents of eve-teasing and other serious offences.

Handing such a situation  is quite tricky but if proper use of peaceful mind and with the help of proper conditioning of one’s mind, it can be handled very successfully.

The idea of startling such a campaign took birth immediately after the infamous incident of Nirbhaya in December 2012 in Delhi. The idea was to spread awareness through changing the mindsets of both men and women in the society and not just burn candles, candle marches and slogan shouting. When such incidents like rape assault eve-teasing are reported we tend to go out for such public outcries and are in turn misused by politicians and parties who try to take advantage of innocent people on streets. It is time to practically do something to change the face of a beautiful city scarred with rapes, eve-teasing and assaults on women.

SLAP was founded by Ms Mriganka Dadwal, with the idea of training women to be stronger physically and mentally to fight against any injustice like rape, sexual assault, abuse both physical and mental through workshops, short sessions like street plays, story telling, puppet shows art shows.

The basic idea is to make a woman mentally stronger and teach her about physical and materialistic assets. Even a small pen she carries daily with her can be used as a potential weapon.

The art of 3 As of personal safety – Accept, Acknowledge, and Act has  to be imbibed into every woman stepping out on the street today.


SLAP has a very comprehensive and to the point training schedule and the main mission is to train women on personal safety and street survival, gender sensitisation, child abuse prevention by education parents and also by empowering kids. Some tips that are regularly given during the workshops are about Speed dial on smart phones, using danger codes, knowledge about safety apps on a phone, usage of pepper sprays, and devising an escape plan ….

Even a man or a child is not safe today on the killers streets today and hence workshops like these are a necessity today, so my vote goes for organisations like SLAP who are working without any personal interests in creating a safe and peaceful environs for us to love in.


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