Fine Dining at The Project at Park Balluchi – HKV New Delhi

When I was starting my food blogs and wanted to concentrate on vegetarian food – a few bloggers commented “Beggars can’t be CHOOSERs” (meaning you find only few items normally of Ghass – Phoos types at a fine dining joint).

But during a recent visit to The Project, at HKV New Delhi this infamous myth was falsified.  I was surprised to find lots of veggies dishes on the menu of this not so latest restaurant.

They say that you can judge a book by just knowing the author’s perspective even before reading it full. And it seemed true here at the Project too. The very first impression while approaching the place makes one feel fresh coz of the green surroundings and Deer calls. Also the restaurant has great looking settings, two different ones – one a glass house seating arrangement, and the other an open air seating arrangement.

The menu further focused on the variety of the drinks and food offered – traditional Italian and Indian dishes along with a few Mediterranean and continental delicacies. The fun place mats also were definitely pretty good and pleasing.

Well, I guess when you visit a restaurant you should just give a glance to the ambience and décor and then concentrate on what you have gone there for, so now let me talk about the food through my pictures and narrations.

It was a hot afternoon, so we decided to order a few mock tails first and went for the signature drinks of the Project, the Virgin PinaColada and Orange Basil cooler. Both the drinks were good, and I think orange n Basil cooler will certainly make me come to the Project again (may be next week when I come here with my kids). I have also kept Dessert Pizzas pending for the next visit.

Moving on to the appetizers, among the Indian variety we ordered – Banarasi seekh kabab, vegetable & cottage cheese rolled on skewers was flavorful. Achari paneer tikka was surely good, tender and the Achari flavors came together very well.

We also were advised to taste the Mozzarella bombs from the Italian menu. The cheese balls were good, and the dip served with them added to the already extraordinary taste.

Moving on the main course we tried the Greek from the traditional Pizzeria built in to serve hot piping thin crust pizzas. The pizza was thin crust with veggies like capsicum, tomatoes, parsley and olives. But I was not satisfied with the taste – the flavours of a pizza were missing. It was colourful but I wish it was as tasty….the seasonings were missing and it was also not well done and not crispy.

The serving size of the appetizers was plentiful and sumptuously filling, which left us so full that we could not finish the entire serving of the Indian dish Dal Makhani and Lacha paratha. The dal was quite tasty and paranthas were soft, and I really felt bad for wasting this tasty dish. But I guess that is the disadvantage of going for a food review – you get so much to eat that a lot of it is wasted.

We wanted to try the desserts now.  The desserts menu had some unconventional desserts, and I ordered a Saffron Cremebrule and my friend ordered Amaretto Cheesecake. For both the desserts, the presentation looked great and was quite creative. I liked my saffron cremebrule, it was tasty but not amazing. My colleague though liked her Amaretto Cheesecake a lot and forced me to try it too.

Overall I feel that we had a great satisfying meal at the Project and felt that it’s a must try.  And I think i would definitely recommend it friends and family.

Here are my ratings for The Project at The Park Balluchi,

Décor : 4/5          Hospitality : 3.5/5             Hygiene : 4/5        Budget : 3/5        Location : 4.5/5


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