Niice Cream

As soon as we  entered NIICE CREAM, we fell in love with the place. Imagine this – you have had your lunch just a few minutes back and are full up to your neckline and you still relish 5 different flavors of rich creamy ice cream.

Niice Cream is a Nitrogen based Ice cream parlor, where the ice cream is frozen right in front of you and in your own flavor. A little ice-creaIMG_8545m parlor in HKV, Niice is actually quite small. There’s just one table and a few chairs. But their unique concept of  “have it your way” ice cream,  the research laboratory  look like setup, ice cream offered with a syringe filled with chocolate syrup hypnotizes the customer.

The owners at Niice Cream feel repelled by unpronounceable ingredients (artificial preservatives, emulsifiers and stabilizers) in the electrically frozen and chemically flavored ice creams. They have replaced the old-fashioned ice cream with a charming new technology, using liquid Nitrogen to make the purest & creamiest ice cream with no additional preservatives. They serve their delicious ice creams made from the fresh ingredients available & frozen instantly using the magic of liquid nitrogen.

There are lots of flavors to choose from. The staff methodically make the ice cream live.  We were offered to choose our ice-cream, flavor cream based or sugar free ice cream, what toppings and sauces we wanted in your ice-cream, and also to add edible colors to our ice-cream.  Not afraid of gaining weight on our bodies, and also the fact that we are not calorie conscious, we chose one of the flavors of the month – Raspberry Oreo Ice cream with a creamy base, and watched the young lady at the counter whip up the ice-cream in front of us.

She served the ice cream topped with a unique chocolate sauce injection. It looked incredibly creamy and was as yummy as it looked. The ice-cream was smooth, rich, and had a delicious fresh fruity flavor.

Next we were served a creamy based Nutella flavor. This tasted amazingly good and I was actually craving for more after emptying my cup speedily. The taste was different and yummy – different than what we get from other vendors who use artificial flavorings and electrical freezing. The Nutella ice cream was heavenly, so rich and chocolaty. The presentation was again good in terms of the elements, the injection with the cream.

Then I asked for one of my favorite flavors, custard apple and they served it with a smile. The ice cream was topped with mango flavoring and it just melted in my mouth leaving behind sweet sensations and fragrant memories.

Next came a different item – ice cream with a tangy taste.  The Blueberry cheesecake, it was delicious and creamy– original and fresh made from fresh blueberries.

Nest on the menu was the Mango ice cream. It was just awesome, the flavors were so real and majestique. We didn’t try the Sugar Free base but were told that it tastes the same as the normal cream based ice creams. They also serve Burger, Shake and Sorbet (milk free ice creams) too…

What I like the most at Niice was that the ice creams were really soft and fresh unlike other ice creams which are completely frozen and sometimes hard to cut with a spoon.

My ratings for Niice Cream flavors:

Mango ice cream – 5/5 :

It was one of the beat mango ice creams I had ever had..

Raspberry Oreo – 4.5/5 :

Super amazing flavor of Raspberry.

Blueberry cheesecake  – 4/5 :

I personally didn’t relish it much. But its surely worth a try.

Nutella ice-cream – 5/5 :

Heavenly is the word for it! Totally done justice to the Nutella flavor!

Custard Apple with Mango – 4.5/5 :

Felt like I was eating the real fruit – though frozen

The shop is located in Hauz Khas village and the address is shop no. 2&3, Building 9, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi. The pricing is not very heavy on your wallet, it’s just about INR 135.00 for a basic flavor. Plus add ons…

The timings are from 12 Noon. to 1 AM.

Note: Images of the ice creams are of sample tasting sizes (40ml) served to us. The actual serving size is 100ml per cup. Review done on invitation from the establishment and views expressed are entirely ours and without any bias.

Video Link :


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