HIGH 5, Cafe by Day & Lounge by Night at Hauz Khas Village



I have been to High 5 at HKV earlier also for a business meeting. I did fell in love with its interiors. When I was asked to do a review, I was in fact pulled in again for the décor. The walls are a bright mash of colors with some very amateur murals. The lightings giving an antiquated look to the furniture was soothing to eyes.  It was a pretty decent place, not too big but not crowded either.

The establishment has an open balcony area as well as an air-conditioned hall which houses the bar and the DJ area.  I loved the whole concept of hand sketch from the entry to the place inside.  The place inside also has hand sketched walls with quotes which people usually say after drinking.

I have been there in the evening hours also and this time for lunch – but both the times didn’t see a lot of customers inside the bar/restaurant. May be it is full on special nights and occasions or on weekends.

We ordered a lot of things. In spite of our request for sampling size servings, we found that the serving quantity was quite substantial, and we felt that even if I had come here for a normal meal it wouldn’t have had been possible to finish all. We started with Nachos Salsa from the Continental Appetizers section and Caesar salad from the salad bar.

The Nachos tasted awesome. The quantity served was enormous, two of us just finished half of the serving. But cant say the same about the Salad – it was one of the most unimpressive serving, I’ve come across. Dull taste, over battered, and the salad dressing was neither flavorful nor a good addition.

The next on our order list were Paw Bhaji from the Street food section and Paneer Tikka Shashlik with crusted papad from the Indian appetizer section. Paneer Tikka tasted good, but nothing exceptional to mention here about it. The crusted papad did add a little flavor to the dish but still just enough.

I liked the presentations of Paw Bhaji, but still feel that it would have been nice if the taste was equally good. The Paw Bhaji boat had an excellent presentation, the bread shaped like little love boats and filled with the bhaji looked fabulous, yet lacked the taste of an authentic bhaji.

We had Virgin Mojito and Mango Smoothie for drinks and was happy to have ordered these. The drinks brought some relief to our taste buds.

For the main course, we settled for Double Cheese Green Forest Pizza and Cajun Rubbed Cottage Cheese Steak with creamy Spinach Sauce from the Continental menu. The serving size again was big and this time both the dishes were of great taste. The Pizza was well done and crisp, and the Steak was excellent. The cottage cheese flavor was just too absorbing and we just relished it.

To finish up we tried ordering Fried Mars Bar from the dessert menu. To our surprise, first we were refused by the otherwise attentive staff. There’s only one dessert available at the moment and that was a Walnut Cake. That was not nice to go for the image of the establishment, and we cancelled the dessert.

But then after some time he came back and informed that they can serve the fried Mars bar. We then tried it and found it to be the best of the dishes so far. It would have been a pity if we had missed it. I feel that it was the only silver lining for High 5, and they should take a note here that this refusal does not happen again for their valued customers.

Where shall I end? Well, to sum up I would say that High 5 is not a bad place with its less expensive menu and good staff and service. Again, not a bad place. But nothing exceptional.

My Ratings:

Décor : 4/5         Food : 3/5       Drinks : 4/5     Hospitality : 3.5/5       Budget : 3.5/5   Location : 4.5/5


Address:  TB6 & 1 A, First Floor, HKV, New Delhi


Note :  Images of the dishes are of actual serving sizes. Review done on invitation from the establishment and views expressed are entirely ours and without any bias.

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