10 reasons why you should tick Western Europe off your bucket list!

Have you been putting off your backpacking trip to Europe?

Backpacking is as good as synonymous with Europe. You haven’t truly travelled, unless you have experienced free-style traveling through the countless iconic cities of Europe. However as a first-timer, I recommend an exclusive trip dedicated to discover every nook and corner of Western Europe. Take this unforgettable trip especially when you are unable to escape your routine life for more than 10 to 12 days.

Here are 10 handpicked trips by The Backpacker Co that you just can’t miss! Grab a quick glimpse!

  1. A Road Trip to Costa Brava in Spain

18 183

This is a splendid case of the journey being more beautiful than the destination itself. Drive down the winding roads of the Spanish coast and behold the breathtaking views of the glistening emerald green Mediterranean Sea.  We’re still reeling!

  1. Picnic at Tuleries Garden, Paris


Give yourself some time off to sit back and take in the grandeur of Paris at the Tuleries Garden in Paris. Grab a baguette and a cool drink as you admire the Louvre amongst other architectural wonders around you!

  1. Macarons in Paris

3005.macarons1 (1)

Indulge in baking like the French and whip up these vibrant desserts with a little help at a fun session in the city of Romance.

  1. Moulin Rouge in Paris


Only experienced burlesque on screen? Well, the splendor of a French cabaret performance LIVE in person will leave you feeling overwhelmed. Catch the famous Moulin Rouge in Paris and the experience will remain with you for a long long time.

  1. Casino, Barcelona

fachada03Get lucky in Barcelona. Walk into a casino dressed like you’re in a James Bond flick, play your cards right and you never know, a small fortune might await you at the end of it all. Mind you, don’t get carried away!

  1. Sky Diving in Barcelona


Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara? Isn’t this what echoes in your mind when you jump off a plane flirting with the clouds only to be caught in a fall of your lifetime? A beautiful Spanish scene awaits you below.

  1. The Heineken Experience in Amsterdam


One of your favourite beer brands has an age old brewery in Amsterdam. Sip on some beer as you walk through the Heineken museum, watch liquid courage getting brewed!

  1. Tapas Tour in Barcelona


Block your appetites for some Spanish paella among other local delicacies. A Tapas tour ensures you get to indulge in the many flavours and local experiences of this beautiful city. Not to forget, how incredibly delicious the food is.

  1. Pub Crawl in Amsterdam


Lose yourself in the Red Light District area of Amsterdam and go pub hopping as the city opens doors to a nightlife that is nothing short of legendary! So down some shots of caffeine and brace yourself because you’re going to be awake way past your bed time.

  1. Amsterdam on 2 wheels


Explore this dreamy city on a cycle at your own leisure and pace. Afterall this is how the locals get around the city themselves. Besides there are plenty of cycle tours happening in the city to ensure you don’t miss on the many highlights the city has in store for you.

Love the sound of a Eurotrip that packs in all of the above and more? Knock this off your bucket list with TheBackpackerCo right here.

NOTE : All images have been downloaded from Internet thru Google search.


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