Food Critics/bloggers

This refers to a recent story on Foof bloggers/critics in HT City Delhi dated 20th July 2015.


Well, I agree to a certain extent with the report – but still feel that this is not true.

Yes agreed, a lot of bloggers do not have the expertise to judge food- what it is made from – the spices used etc., but I believe that everyone who goes to a restaurant does have a sense of what good food taste like.

And we journalist/bloggers don’t go for a review to taste /enjoy free food.

We give the restaurants a platform of promotion through our write-ups and pictures that we shoot during  the review. And as far as I am concerned – I like my food and when a dish is served to me – if it is tasteless or bad – then it is bad – doesn’t matter if it was paid or unpaid by me.

And during a review I always make it a point that we are served sampling portions only – and hate wasting food when it is served in full quantity and we cant finish eating it. Food is meant to be eaten and enjoyed and not to be thrown away in garbage.

I agree that I am not a qualified food tester – but guys I love my food and definitely  can give a good judgement about the taste and quality of the food served to me whether eating at home or in a food establishment.

If  the food is bad/ service is bad and the drinks are not properly done – I report it that way – AFTERALL you see, I am reporting it for the public, the audience – and not to get another unpaid meal from another restaurant.

Note: these are my personal views and no insult to anybody is intended. 


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