Heavenly Bliss at Ambrosia Bliss

Sweet Lava

How do you react when a volcano erupts in front of you and hot molten lava comes down gushing……. Run for your life, right…….Of course yes, but we didn’t… ….. the volcano which erupted in front of us was in form of a piece of delicious chocolate  cake and hot black molten chocolate gushed out of the opening created by the spoon. Both of us scooped the molten chocolaty lava and relished it in minutes.

Well, we were at the restaurant Ambrosia Bliss in the Rajiv Chowk area in Delhi and thoroughly enjoying our sumptuous lunch. After having finished with Starters and the main course, we were enjoying the desserts. Molten Lava cake was the best part of our lunch here.

Besides the Lava cake we also had Sticky Toffee pudding with Toffee Sauce and Baileys & Chocolate Tiramisu. The toffee pudding was also yummy, but the Tiramesu was overshadowed by the other two sweets.

Before setting on the divine sweet desserty journey we had loved the Starters and main course dishes to the fullest.  And the fresh, fruity Mocktails and shakes had helped us quench our thirsty throats. We had the Choco Nutty Shake, Twist @ Bliss and So Called Apple. Very well made drinks – all of them gave us a fresh feel and a perfect start to our tasting journey at Ambrosia Bliss.

I am not a Salad lover, but the lady with the sweetest smile, who was in-charge of our table suggested us the Grapefruit and Crunchy Veggies. IIMG_8869t was so tasty that we both finished it in2 minutes and thought of having another serving. But by this time the crisply dressed, attentive, friendly, smiling servers already served the Indian Veggie Platter on our table.

The platter had Dahi kebab (we get these in Rajasthan and the ones at AB matched the taste and smoothness of what we get in Rajasthan), Harra kebab, Galouti kabab, and Paneer tikka. Then we had the International veggie platter consisting of Philadelphia cheese rolls, crisp garlic breads, Mushroom nuggets (crispy balls filled with mushroom filling), and Tex mex nachos in the middle.

Next was a surprise dish – The tamarind tofu cups. The presentation of the tofu cups was great and unique, but before I could properly click a few images, they vanished from the plates into my colleague’s mouth. I just got to taste one and it was amazing. The tofu cups were delicious having a tangy, sweet and sour taste.

Next came a basket of assorted Dimsums. Tibetan, spinach and water chestnut and mixed veggie stuffed – each one was definitely done with utmost care and the taste was amazing.

659316461Though we were all full, again on request of the sweet smiling lady we ordered the main course items just to try and taste the heavenly flavours.  We ordered Benaras Aloo Dum, Vilaiti mixed Vegetables and Stir fried beans/Chinese greens and Onion Kulcha and Pudina Naan. Even though we were full, the distinctive flavours of each dish and the love with which we were being served, forced us to relish the main course dishes fully.

The flavours were rich and distinct in each and every dish. At the end we were just able to murmur “Thank you” to the Chef who finally came to meet us and enquire if the food was good. Good – not only good – it was real divine as the name itself of the restaurant – it was a real bliss – a Heavenly Bliss.

I haven’t mentioned anything about Ambrosia Bliss till now. Its because the food was so great here that I wanted to talk about the food first. Now coming to the restaurant ….

Ambrosia Bliss is a bold, beautiful and larger than life hospitality venture. It has one of the largest space than any other venue in the heart and nerve center of Delhi. Ambrosia Bliss has been carefully & instinctively designed to give an out worldly experience! The Experience begins with the Entrance Lounge with a series of vertical lines and concentric rings, a play on light and dark, transparent and solid, rich and raw, giving the patron a feel of what is going to come ahead.

There is a raised central platform with four opulent corner columns, overlooked by round golden domed ceiling. A thin, almost transparent crystal curtain encloses this space as a lounge-type sitting area while maintaining the openness. An impressive display of wines, cigars and books are housed on one of the walls. Right next to the restaurant, there is a private Dining area, perfect for small parties.

My Ratings

Décor : 4.5/5          Hospitality : 4.5/5             Food : 4.5/5        Budget : 4.5/5        Location : 5/5

Average Price for 2 :  INR 2000-2500

 Address:  Ambrosia Bliss: L – 51-54, Second Floor, Outer circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi-110001

Note: Images of the dishes are of sample tasting sizes served to us. Review done on invitation from the establishment and views expressed are entirely ours and without any bias.


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