Barcelos celebrates ‘Salads & Sangria’ festival at Barcelos, Khan Market, New Delhi


It was yet another launch by Barcelos at the Khan Market, New Delhi. This time it was the Introduction of India’s first Sangria Bar. It was a celebration time and they classified it as the”Salads and Sangria” Festival.

It was a unique moment as 21 varieties of Sangria were introduced under one roof. Barcelos is already known as an innovative establishment, because of their earlier launches of Red and Black Burgers, Smoky drinks in their bar menu.

While at Barcelos, we tried quite a few varieties of the sangria, oops! I didn’t – as I was off alcohol for some medical reasons. My fellow bloggers during the launch had real nice time tasting the awesome Sangrias. I, myself tasted on of their Smoky drinks from their exhaustive mock-tails menu. The Kiwi fruit punch was as punchy and tangy as the real Kiwi should be and the smoky scene made it look the most divine too.

Sangria, as you all know, is based on the traditional red wine punch popular across Europe for hundreds of years. Sangria is typically created from red wine, fruit juices, soda water, fruit and sometimes brandy. It is a very popular drink in Spain and Portugal.

My fellow blogger tried some 7-8 varieties and from the look on his face I could very well see that he was enjoying the drinks a lot. The smiling waiter served him repeat orders from the various so ptions which included White Lemongrass Sangria, Peach Sangria with Black grape, Red Sangria, Traditional Portuguese Sangria and lot more. Apples, Ginger, Cloves, Oranges, Mint leaves, Red chilies, and so many other flavourings were offered.

Along with Sangria, I relished the 4 varieties of Salads they offered – Grilled Orange & Watermelon Salad, Capris Salad, Fattoush and Pear & Chicken Salad. Of these the first three were of vegetarian types and the last one obviously as the name says was the non-vegetarian variety.

The Grilled Orange and Watermelon salad was the best one out of all these. You can very well judge this by the fact that I gulped up two servings of the tasty salad. The Capris salad with the Sweet onion and Pesto dressings was also nice and the presentation was excellent. Didn’t like the Fattoush salad though, it was a bit bitter in taste. Didn’t try the Pear & Chicken Salad personally but looking at the leftovers from fellow bloggers tables I guess it was also not liked much by them.

It really was a diving experience during this tasting session of Salads and Sangria at Barcelos and I am sure like the earlier Red Burgers and also the Smoky drinks –this is also going to be the talk of the town soon.

My Ratings

Décor : 4.5/5          Hospitality : 4.5/5             Food : 4.5/5        Budget : 4.5/5        Location : 5/5

Average Price for 1 Sangria – Rs 255/- and Rs 375/- for  combo  of Salad and Sangria

Address:  Khan Market, New Delhi

Note: Images of the dishes are of sample tasting sizes served to us. Review done on invitation from the establishment and views expressed are entirely ours and without any bias. No monetary favour was received.


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