Whats the COLOUR of your Burger

Yummy White coconut flavored bun n grilled fat free yet delicious peri peri burger with ….at the Barcelos!!!!

IMG_9975Barcelos at the Khan Market, New Delhi never fail to come up with new culinary surprises for its patrons. A few days back it was ”Salads and Sangria” Festival, and now it was the turn of another color, the White Burgers. Red and Black Burgers were introduced a few months back and now it was the monochrome platter with White-ness at the helm.

Accompanied with Sangria or the smoky drinks, it was a perfect combination of a sumptuous meal. The white bun which contained milk powder, plain flour and coconut tasted superb and the soft juicy patty made with a mix of cottage cheese and Ricotta cheese was just the way as it should be.


We had opted for the Vegetarian variety. Slices of freshly cut vegetables and fruits added to the flavors of this delicious white burger. The coconut flavor was refreshing and delicious. The patty was also not deep fried – it was grilled and hence was not as crispy as the other burgers in the market, but it surely was much tastier. Served with French fries and a flavored mayonnaise sauce – it made a perfect meal for my hungry tummy.


Though the white color did not appeal much to me in the beginning, but after the first bite I stopped only when the entire burger vanished from my plates with the French fries still waiting to be savored. Mr. Rohit Malhotra, GM Operations at Barcelos, joined us and explained the basic tricks in making the white burgers. Slow baking with longer baking time was the trick behind the whiteness of the burger buns.

Also to provide his health-conscious patrons, he has planned the slow cooking of the patty.It was grilled to keep the oil n fat levels at the lowest and also retaining the natural ingredients of the filling used. This also explained the time taken to serve the burgers at Barcelos. This way every customer is served freshly grilled burgers and not the pre-heated burgers as normally served at fast food joints.

We finally bid bye to Mr. Rohit and Barcelos with a promise to come back and treat our taste buds again with some more new dishes.

My Ratings

Décor : 4.5/5          Hospitality : 4.5/5             Food : 4.5/5         Location : 5/5

Address:  Khan Market, New Delhi

Note: Images of the dishes are of actual serving sizes.  Review done on invitation from the establishment and views expressed are entirely ours and without any bias. No monetary favour was received.


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