Caratlane – Virtual 3D Try-On App

World’s First Virtual Jewllery Try-On App


Beautifully designed jewelllery – accessible to everyone at affordable and revolutionary prices…. was a dream that Mr. Mithun Sancheti, Co-founder and CEO of Caratlane has seen in his early days when he joined his family business. Most of the jewellery owned by India women are stocked in their private lockers or in banks. But he wanted that his innovative designs to be worn during daily during work, Gym, partying .. He wanted the jewellery to come out of the lockers. He has worked hard to realise his dreams and the result is in front us inform of (


Caratlane has a database of more than hundred thousand satisfied and happy customers today. Innovative ideas behind the unique inspirations, jewellery designs, exquisite craftsmanship have made Caratlane popular and women today are seen flaunting their jewellery every day.

Aggressive marketing and fully employing the modern day technology available, Caratlane offers online as well as traditional offline shopping. Try@home has been a great hit and now they have introduced a new mobile app where one can virtually try the jewellery and see how it looks on them.


On 20th August 2015 in Delhi, Caratlane introduced the CaratlaneApp. It delivers the world’s first true 3D virtual jewellery try-on experience by using the cutting edge facial recognition technology and 3D imagng technology to provide a life like try-on experience.

The key USP of the app is the 3D virtual jewellery Try-on feature where the app user takes a video of herself and then using 3D imaging technology, generates a 3D view of herself wearing Caratlane earrings. She can then swipe to look at her face from one side to the other to get an idea of how beautiful she looks wearing those earrings.

A purchase can then be initiated through the app itself. She can even request a home trial of a few selected earrings by combining the earlier feature of Try@home. By sharing her video on various social platforms, a customer can take her friend’s opinions too before deciding on the final purchase.

Currently available for earrings, Caratlane plans to introduce this app for other products soon. Mr. Mithun believes that the app will become an addictive experience for women and that it will transform the way jewellery shopping is done in India.

You can visit the company’s website at and enjoy shopping your favourite jewellery.

Video of a pretty lady demonstrating Caratlane App.


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