RoadRomeo – Royale Hyderabadi n Kashmiri Delights


Like Rajouri Garden in West Delhi, Defence Colony is the place in South Delhi where one gets loads of eating options. Moet’s is one such big name in Defence Colony market. But there was a need for authentic delectable Indian food. At times, you get fed up with all these continental and Italian stuff and you long for good old Indian food cooked in rich spices and herbs. And, what is more authentic then Kashmir and Hyderabadi food. The latest entrant in this market, a venture by Vishal Singh Saini, is just trying to do so by the name of “RoadRomeo”.

The ambience is exquisite. Simple interiors with soft leather seatings, and also a few high seats with wooden table. Old fashioned light shades are an attraction. They also have another floor where the DJ is located and also the Hookah Bar.

When I went inside RoadRomeo, I could focus my attention on the décor for a very short time. The fragrance of the North and South aka Kashmiri and Hyderabadi dishes forced me to order my food immediately with a special request to hurry up. The restaurant had an impressive menu added by the array of mocktails and cocktails from the bar. .


I had started with the Welcome drink that they serve complimentary to every customer. A blue drink with Pineapple juice was refreshing. Then followed Orange based mocktail, and the RoadRomeo special mocktail. Seeing that I was not happy with the special, I was immediately served the Wild Rain mocktail – a mixture of Mint, n orange juice topped up with soda was amazing. The mint flavor left a soothing feeling and now I was looking forward to the various starters from Hyderabad street food and also Kashmiri specials.

I tried the starters from their vegetarian options and the Baby Corn Majestic, Veg 65 were delicious. I found the Popeye Veg mix the most awesome starter I have had in recent times. The palak – spinach flavor was intact in every bite and it was the most finger-licking dish. This delicately-flavoured Hyderabadi street food was a real treat.


Even for a core vegetarian like me, it was difficult to decide on what to eat from the main course. I finally decided to combine Kashmiri delicacies  with Hyderbadi ones. I ordered Lal Paneer and Kashmiri Aloo from Kashmir and Veg Supreme from Hyderabad. And to go with them, ordered steam rice and Rotis. The paneer was cooked perfectly and tasted exactly the way I had it in Srinagar.Hyderbadi Veg was also great. With its rich flavours it was an absolute delight for the taste buds Mr Vishal insisted and I tried the Veg Biryani served with Mirchi ka salan and churri. And after the very first bite, I thanked Vishal for forcing me to try the biryani.


My meals are never complete without a sweet dish. SoI ordered the only dessert that they offer currently and indulged in a sinful bowl of chilled Phirni garnished with almond and pistachio.

And in the end to help the huge amount of exquisite food I just had, I was served my all time favourite and the world famous Kahwa, and unlike many other places where the taste of a Kahwa is just like a sugar syrup, the one served at RaodRomeo was perfect, just like the real Kahwa one gets to drink in Kashmir. The saffron fragrance and the taste of almonds and other dry fruits mesmerised me and all I could do was to thank Vishal for a great lunch that I had at Road Romeo. They are serving Kahwa complimentary after the meals for a limited time only.

It’s a place which is not heavy on your pockets, yet is a perfect spot where you are treated like a celebrity and you get to eat royla cuisine.

My Ratings

Décor : 4.5/5          Hospitality : 4.5/5             Food : 4.5/5        Budget : 4.5/5        Location : 4/5

Cuisine: Hyderabadi and Kashmiri

Average Price for 2 :  INR 1500

Address:  47 Main Market, Defence Colony, New Delhi

Note: Images of the dishes are of sample tasting sizes served to us. Review done on invitation from the establishment and views expressed are entirely ours and without any bias. No monetary favours were received.



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