Young Designers, only standalone showcase:India Runway Week Season 5

The India Runway Week is Asia’s youngest fashion trade event. The category of designers is Newgen, Budding & Emerging.

The Indian Federation for Fashion Development (IFFD) is pleased to announce the 5th edition of India Runway Week. Young Designers, a standalone showcase for India’s fashion. Talkatora Indoor stadium will serve as the official home of India Runway Week Season 5. Kicking off with the Winter Festive 2015 collections, the event is scheduled to run from September 4-6, 2015.

Kiran Kheva, Fashion Director of the IFFD said “India’s young designers have never been stronger but they are more creative. There are many reasons that IFFD believes in young designers, it gives the young designers a business platform to showcase during their market dates and is an opportunity to demonstrate their talent to the important segment of the industry.”

Avinash Pathania, Founder Director of the IFFD said “The effort to continue with the USP of the India Runway Week that is young designers is not just backed by IFFD and participating established designers, but also by the Indian editors and retailers who have contributed as we have built this in last 4 seasons, and they will continue to be involved in our planning. Sooner or later big corporate will also show interest in the young talent of fashion industry”

India Runway Week: Season 5 will feature around 40 designers in combination of runway shows, presentations and special events.

ABOUT: India Runway Week

India Runway Week is Asia’s youngest fashion trade event. Each season of the much-awaited IRW introduce new talent and places young Indian designers firmly on the global fashion stage. IRW provides a platform for both established and upcoming talented designers but also introduce fresh designers to showcase their collections. This gives them excellent business opportunities from both bulk and retail buyers. In addition to facilitating the exchange of ideas and networking interactions between designers, buyers and affiliates, the event provides an enriching experience for everyone.

ABOUT:  Indian Federation for Fashion Development (IFFD)

IFFD provides the opportunity for fashion industry members, both new and old, to create networks that will facilitate action and inspire industry growth. We provide useful and up-to-date information to keep the industry on top of what is happening locally and abroad, to make it more competitive and to encourage a thirst for quality. IFFD provides a marketing platform for all within the industry; from the student who wants to share her talent to the household names we have come to know and love. By increasing local and international awareness of Indian brands and talent we hope to inspire increased demand and brand loyalty. With these primary directives we hope to assist in creating a positive knock on effect that will facilitate job creation and growth for the industry.



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