3 Dimensional KeepSakes


Gifts on any occasion are the most special ways to create your presence in someone’s life. They have to be unique and personal.

Sheela Chamaria, an artist in Delhi has (www.facebook.com/3dhandsnfeetbysheelachamariya) come up with a unique idea to create something that only belongs to you. 3-dimensional moulds made from an impression of the your own or your loved ones own hand and foot that are then casted n painted and mounted beautifully for hanging or table display. They are a great way to preserve your memories of those little hands and feet. She does it more exclusively for babies but the moulds can be of anybody of any age group.

These are not just for babies. Older people, children’s and adults impressions sculpture make just as special a keepsake as the little ones. Be it a wedding anniversary, graduation day, first date, or birthday of your special someone, celebrate it in style with a gift that is most special way of creating memories.

What makes it even more special and rewarding is the fact that these keepsakes are totally customised, so your gift to yourself or your dear ones  have a special personal touch. Superb idea, isn’t it?

Its a gift that not only gets etched in your memory but also physically present  for the entire lifetime.  So why wait visit the link and order one of the most special gifts that you have ever surprised your loved ones with!!!

Don’t forget Grandparents and Godparents – couples, mothers fathers, daughters ,son, sisters and brothers- Keepsakes makes great gifts for everyone ..!!!!




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