Chef Profile – Chef Sahil Arora, Executive Chef, Marriott Jaipur

Chef Sahil Arora 4Its an old saying – “Poot ke Paon Palne mein hi dikh jatey hain”, meaning that you can figure out how your kid is going to turn up right when he is only an infant. It fits Chef Sahil Arora, Executive Chef at Jaipur Marriott perfectly. He had an insight about his future love – Cooking, when he was in his early childhood days in school. He asked his teachers to allow him to join Home Science classes and to prove himself challenged the girls in a cake making session. Do I need to mention here – who was the winner?

Its been a full circle of life ever since and the budding artist in school is now the Executive Chef at one of the premiere chains of hotels – The Marriott. You have to visit Jaipur Marriott to sample and taste the culinary delights that Chef Arora creates here.

Chef Arora began his culinary journey fifteen years ago in 1998. He brings with him vast experience and multicultural learning garnered over the course of a rich career spanning various countries and diverse cuisines. His passion, experience, sensibility and dedication to food in all its forms have seen him evolve and develop a dynamic personality, adapting to various roles across the globe. Chef Arora’s areas of expertise include Japanese, Thai and Chinese cuisine and he also possesses strong skills in French and Italian cooking.

He went for a cross training at Hyatt regency Osaka for sushi, sashimi and teppanyaki for a period of a month and was responsible for introducing the same at Hyatt Regency Delhi. His passion for Thai cuisine is also reflected in his close involvement in the successful opening of the Oriental Restaurant, 19 Oriental Avenue at Shangri-La and the receipt of the Times Food Award for the best Thai food for two years in a row. In past he has successfully promoted Japanese, Lebanese and Italian food.

Chef Arora became a part of the Marriott Family four years ago with Courtyard By Marriott, Gurgaon and then moved to Jaipur Marriott. Chef has been instrumental in creating a niche in the food and beverage vista in Jaipur City by introducing global cuisine and a colossal of culinary delights.

Chef Arora counts chefs Gordan Ramsey, Jamie Oliver and Ferran Adria among his key influences. An alumnus of the Institute of Advanced Management, Kolkata, Chef Arora enjoys photography in leisure, he also likes to relax by watching movies and playing with his daughter Naisha


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