IBM meet on Cloud applications

IBM as we all know is a famous well known name in the world of computers, information technology and related world. The organisation is always a leader when it comes to innovations and introducing new updated technology.

In today’s tech scenario, Cloud is a very important terminology and it is a way to deliver any technology or business process as a digital service. Very simply, Cloud is upending the industry. It has unleashed the next wave of innovation in the world. Over the last couple of years, businesses of any size have realized the benefits of adopting a cloud computing approach. Cloud adoption is largely governed by the workload one wants to migrate to the cloud.

Large enterprises, mid sized companies to even start ups are moving toward an infrastructure that is optimized and responsive to help them meet new business demands. Its a very important tool for all the start ups in India.

India is a huge market and the major source of tech providers.Hence IBM is now looking to invest heavily in nurturing innovation across the country and training start ups is a good way to do it, and they are doing it efficiently  and successfully.

IBM Cloud_Bloggers Meet (1)At a recently concluded meeting with media, IBM unveiled its operations and future Cloud options. Mr Radhesh Kanumury, Country Manager, Global Entrepreneur Programme, IBM India/South Asia showcased its Cloud capabilities: Bluemix, the cloud platform for building, running and managing applications widely used by developers across world and SoftLayer, the cloud infrastructure layer helping startups and entrepreneurs alike ramp up their tech capabilities as required by the business.

IMG_2554Also, present were  two startups who shared their journey with IBM solutions. During the discussions we learned about how IBM Cloud has empowered budding entrepreneurs and Born on the Cloud (BOTC) companies.

It was further informed that in pursuit of creating the best suite of solution for customers, IBM has invested $7 billion in building a high value cloud portfolio. With a strong portfolio at every level of cloud – SoftLayer at the infrastructure level and Bluemix, the platform-as-a-service – IBM is now uniquely positioned to serve Indian enterprises with the best-of-breed cloud solutions, depending on varied business requirements.

IBM’s strategic focus and key investments in cloud both locally and globally, has ushered in the “IBM as a service” era. Given IBM’s deep understanding of enterprises of all sizes, we will continue to bring relevant cloud offerings to the marketplace.

IBM is continually building a powerful line-up of developer services focused on mobile, web apps, integration, DevOps and data management. In addition, suites of business applications (SaaS) as composable API based services, such as Watson, commerce, security, marketing and others will be available to enhance the capabilities of the app being built. As an example, using Bluemix, developers can leverage middleware services  to build a new sales app that provides retail associates with secure access to inventory management information from systems of record at the time of customer engagement.


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