Chef profile, From Mumma with Love. Red Zen, Courtyard by Marriott Mumbai.


Chef Kluaywan Junsawat, lovingly called Mumma , the head chef at Red Zen made me love pumpkin – something which I normally detested earlier. I couldn’t stop till every bite of the Sankaya, a steamed pumpkin custard pie disappeared from my plate. The Sankaya was served as a dessert to me while I was enjoying my lunch at Red Zen, the Pan-Asian restaurant at The Courtyard by Marriott Mumbai International Airport. The restaurant specialises in street food of the Far East, specially Thailand and China. Sankaya turned out to be my most memorable dish of the day.

Chef Junsawat says that Food is an expression of what she is, who she is and from where she comes from. The food she brings from Thailand is very region specific, with each region bringing its own unique texture, flavor, and ingredients. The taste of the food always differs from street to the restaurant to the home. She further says that she always used to help her mother in the kitchen right from her childhood days. She owes her skills and knowledge to her only and that’s give the homely flavor to her cooking. She thinks that memory of her mother is shared in her food. She wishes to bring the memories of authentic home style Thai food.

Right from the starters, soup, main course to dessert, my experience was truly one to be cherished. Unique flavors especially those from the Thai cuisine made me apprehensive. But the Chef’s suggestions were bang on and I thoroughly enjoyed every bite!

I opted for the vegetarian specialties of Chef, and she made it sure that my culinary experience is inked with golden words in my features. She treated me with her best creations and in the end made it sure that I promise her to come back again. She also showed me some of her best non-vegetarian creations which I dint try but for sure clicked with my cameras.

Like any artistic creation, great cuisine comes from the heart & is fuelled by passion. Chef Junsawat at The Red Zen, makes it sure and every guest after relishing her creations swears this. The Red Zen with chef Junsawat is surely one of the best contemporary Thai restaurants near Mumbai Airport which  reflects a thoughtful marriage of fresh ingredients & simple cooking.


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