Exquisite Food bonanza at Park Plaza Zirakpur – Day 2

It was my second day at Park Plaza. Zirakpur. It was a lovely morning when we went to Sukhna lake for a morning stroll and to enjoy the breathtaking sunrise. But as the day progressed, it started getting hot and after a rushed up trip at of the Rock Gardens, I returned back to the hotel.

I was tired and exhausted. And Hungry and memories of yesterday’s lunch was still alive, so I rushed to Essence after quickly freshening. Another extravagant surprise was waiting for us at the Essence.


Another well crafted and designed menu from the ever cheerful staff and Exec chef at Essence. It was going to be Pan Asian Lunch today. I started with a lovely Pineapple based mock-tail, the Nina Colada. Refreshing and soothing, it helped me cool down a little.


And then started another fabulous show of superb food presentations. First came the Szechwan  Pickled Vegetables, followed by Vietnamese Pho Chay (noodle soup scented with star anise and fresh herbs). Both of these dishes complimented each other and I could see that today also it was going to be heavenly at Essence.

Exotic Veggies in Thai Red curry, Veggies in While garlic sauce and Bean sprout fried rice followed and it was like a kaleidoscope of colourful oriental food spa on the table. Thai red curry was amazing and the fried rice fabulous.

From the non-veg section, my colleagues enjoyed the Steamed fish – Ginger Scallion , and five spiced chicken with cashew nuts. Normally our table is the most vociferous, but today no one was speaking – just enjoying the super lunch that we were treated to.

I must say that Chef Raman’ magic really left me amazed and wanting more and more.IMG_1697

And there was more to look forward to – the Dessert. I was served Date and Nut Cigar, Banana toffee, and Cinnamon flavoured ice cream. I had to go in for a second serving of the ice cream – it was sooo good.

This was my second and last lunch of the current tour – but am sure after such a lavish treatment – one has to come back again – and I will..


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