Authentic Thai Food at Red Zen, Thai Restaurant at Courtyard by Marriott, Mumbai

Like any artistic creation, great cuisine comes from the heart & is fuelled by passion. Chef Kluaywan Junsawat at The Red Zen, Courtyard by Marriott, Mumbai makes it sure and every guest after relishing her creations swears this. The Red Zen with chef Junsawat is surely one of the best contemporary Thai restaurants near Mumbai Airport which reflects a thoughtful marriage of fresh ingredients & simple cooking.

During one of my visits to Mumbai I had a chance to dine at Red Zen, Thai restaurant at Courtyard by Marriott, Mumbai. Mr Anang Chaturvedi, Director Sales and Marketing, and Exec. Chef Mr Ravi Shankar Sharma accompanied me and they introduced me to Mumma, or chef Junsawat at the restaurant. Chef Ravi informed me that normally in all the Courtyards by Marriott you will find their trademark restaurant the MOMO, but the Mumbai Courtyard has the distinction of having this pearl of the south east in its crown.

mum25Red Zen is a cool and contemporary oasis of calm on the first floor of the Courtyard by Marriott. Just past the lobby, it is infused with red light. White-couched, black-wooded section dedicated to a low-seating lounge that comfortably seats up to a dozen. I being a teetotaler was offered Guava mock-tail, namely the Tikha Peru. It was a delicious drink made of guava juice infused with some Tabasco sauce, lime juice, salt and chilly. I also liked the Thai Iced Teas, which were available in flavours like Ginger, Basil, Lemon Grass, Mango and Orange, derived from Thai fruits and herbs.

The menu is simplistic and covers the best of Thai cuisines. Fresh elements and ingredients as well as exotic meats and fish offered me a large variety of options. Delicately prepared, flavours from hot and spicy, touches of tangy and sour to sweet are perfect. The food is authentic and the flavours exactly like one gets on streets in Bangkok.mum19

I tried the traditional Thai Som Tam salad, a green papaya salad which is spicy and topped with peanuts, and the Cottage Cheese cake for starters. I loved the green papaya salad and then followed the Tom Yum soup. The Thai hot and sour Tomyum soup was full of flavours and yummy. The cottage cheese cakes were artistically presented and tasted awesome too.

Mumma informed me that an oriental meal is never complete without Dim Sums – so next came the assorted basket of vegetable Dim Sums. By this time I was already full with the fragrances of the delicaises, and Mumma very intelligently sensing this ordered for the main course now.

Green Kiew Wan (Green Thai curry with veggies), Gaeng-Phed (Thai Red curry), and Phad-Phak-Ruam (stir fried veggies with garlic soya sauce) were served along with a bowl of fragrant jasmine flavoured steamed rice.  The well-known Thai red curry and green curry were delectably smooth. The flavours of Thai food are a unique blend  served up with flavoursome Jasmine rice with ginger and pepper carries one to a new level of culinary delight.  The food was heavenly, the kind which one normally wants to eat.

mum1And of course this grand feast concluded with me savouring the Pumpkin custard till the end. Red Zen made me love pumpkin – something which I normally detested earlier. I couldn’t stop till every bite of the Sankaya, a steamed pumpkin custard pie disappeared from my plate. Sankaya turned out to be my most memorable dish of the day.

I will recommend this place to anyone who loves well-cooked Thai food. Like any artistic creation, great cuisine comes from the heart & is fuelled by passion. The Red Zen, one of the best Thai restaurants near Mumbai Airport, reflects a thoughtful marriage of fresh ingredients & simple cooking.

My Ratings

Décor : 4.5/5          Hospitality : 4.5/5             Food : 5/5         Location : 5/5

Address:  Courtyard by Marriott, Andheri, near Mumbai Airport.

Note: Images of the dishes are of actual serving sizes.  Review done on invitation from the establishment and views expressed are entirely ours and without any bias. No monetary favour was received.


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