21 Gun Salute International Vintage Car Rally & Concours Show 2016

Promoting Motoring Tourism and making sure that it gets included in the Incredible India charter – with this dream and vision, the 6th 21 Gun Salute International Vintage Car Rally & Concours Show 2016 is being organised in New Delhi in the month of February.

Our erstwhile Royal families, and other eminent vintage and classic car collectors in India have done excellently well in preserving the golden history of motoring in the Indian heritage context. Who doesn’t know the love for classical cars of our pre-independence royal families?

In an effort to showcase India’s Royal Vintage Motoring Culture, the organisers of the 6th 21 Gun Salute International Car Rally and Concours are trying to bring before us the opulence in abundance of the century old imperial heritage of the country. The show will witness many a vintage and royal cars from the “Golden age of Motoring in India”, i.e. the first half of the 20th century.

With the show an effort is being made to establish India as a World class Motoring Tourism Destination by spreading awareness and interest among the people of the country and the rest of the world through participation and involvement of vintage and classic car enthusiasts and collectors.

For the past five years, 21 Gun Salute has been successfully presenting the grand event and are constantly endeavouring to make the show bigger and bigger, year after year. At a recently held press meet they announced their intentions to make the show in 2016, the grandest so far.

The 6th edition is going to be different, it was announced. A feat of events showcasing the rich Indian legacy & narrating a vintage car-fable at India’s most celebrated locales, namely the Red Fort in Delhi and the new hot spot in Noida – The F1 circuit.

aMr Madan Mohan, The Founder – 21 Gun Salute International Vintage Car Rally & Concours Show said, “Our aim is to showcase the finest heritage of custom-made automobiles in India and promote the centuries-old vast cultural diversity of the country at a global stage, establishing a holistic platform for the growth of Motoring Tourism in India.”

Unlike any other vintage car show organized around the world, this one will be a different experience altogether!  “Along with the display of 75 exclusively hand-picked Indian and 15 International vintage cars, spectators will also get the glimpse of the art and dance forms, from varioMr. Madan Mohan, Founder, 21 Gun Salute with newly restored vintage Car- 1952 Daimler DB18 Drophead Coupeus parts of the country” disclosed Mr Madan Mohan

The event will wear true International colours this year as vintage car clubs & collectors from the USA, UK, France, Germany, China, Sri Lanka, and Nepal are joining the 2 days heritage motoring fest. Followed by an exclusive display of cars and the grand cultural fiesta, the collectors and car enthusiasts will drive their beauties on the roads of the capital, heading towards the Buddha International Circuit, Noida. Another highlight will be a controlled speed racing (TSD) on the Formula One racing track at Greater Noida. This will bring a superb driving pleasure both for the spectators and the man on the steering.

The event will showcase the world’s most admired-vintage automobiles & also brings forth a wonderful opportunity for the participants and guests to relish the true essence of culture tourism & a glimpse of centuries-old heritage of India. From times immemorial, India has remained the epicentre of art, culture, heritage and tradition. Great number of foreign tourists and enthusiasts from all over the world will participate, witness and simply enjoy a series of events, music & dance forms here.

Special Display, Saturday (6th February 2016): An exclusive display of luxury cars, from around the world.

A Royal Rendezvous with 125 hand-picked, rare & premium Indian & International cars of the bygone era.

Sunday SensationA feast to the eyes (7th February 2016)

Bursting with excitement & enthusiasm – the spectators in the corridors of world-class F1 circuit, will witness Classic & Vintage beauties racing on the track. For the first time, Buddha International Circuit, will host such a pleasure with motoring enthusiasts putting on their driving gloves, dusting off their bonnets and making their way along the World’s most hi-tech F1 Track.

Don’t you also dream that India should be one of the premiers and the ultimate destination of Motoring Tourism in the world? So people, what are you waiting for? Go out and procure a 2016 calendar from wherever you can – and mark out Feb 6 and 7 in special coloured ink and even if your wedding is planned for these days – postpone it and meet me at the Red Fort on 6th Feb 2016 and at the Fi circuit in Greater Noida on 7th Feb 2016.

Lets us jointly make our country the ultimate destination for Motoring Tourism in the world.


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