Drive to Defeat Breast Cancer

Cancer has become a major public health problem due to our changing lifestyle. There is need to give evidence based information to public to spread awareness. It is crucial but a difficult process. The role of doctors, social media, NGOs is very important in this work of spreading awareness.

Efforts are being made by many and one such notable effort is by NGO, Forum for Breast Cancer Protection and Heritage Motoring Club of India, HMCI in association with Studio 1.

The NGO setup by a few senior medical practitioners is concentrating more towards the issue of breast cancer which is the most prevailing from of cancer in females – whether rural or urban. In fact as per studies it is reported that almost 50,000 women die of breast cancer every year and one out of every 25 women today dies because of breast cancer. It is also alarming to know that as per rough estimates it is going to climb to 1 out of 8 in the year 2020.

The NGO over the past few years have been actively indulged in a difficult task of spreading awareness for this noble cause of preventing and treating breast cancer. Various camps in metro cities and two tier towns have been organized.

The NGO aims to reach out to more rural areas where the disease is infact more prevalent, and the women of these areas because of certain social issues don’t come out in open and die a silent death. According to the senior members and senior oncologists of the NGO – breast cancer is curable if detected at an early stage


The NGO is actively trying to spread the awareness through educational films on breast cancer which discusses methods of self-detection and other methods checkups with doctors, camps in various cities, group meetings, interactions with survivors of breast cancer, social events like motor rallies, fashion shows etc.. And its really a laudable effort.

Recently an interesting event of exhibition and rally of vintage cars and bikes and a fashion show in which a few survivors of breast cancer participated was organised in Delhi. The even named Drive to Defeat Breast Cancer saw about 34 vintage cars and 10 vintage bikes rolling out on city roads for creating an awareness about the disease.

The rally started at Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium in New Delhi and few breast cancer survivors were seen riding the vintage cars. The rally was flagged off by Mr. B. S. Bassi, Commissioner of Police, Delhi, and ended at the Tivoli Gardens. The women riding the cars have been treated successfully and have triumphed over the disease, and these valiant women now part of “Happiness Surrounds Us”, a support group of survivors. About 12 of these survivors participated in the fashion show by designer Puneet Kochar.

October is the Breast cancer awareness month so it was decided to organise this car rally said Dr.  (Col) CS Pant and Dr (Mrs.) Ramesh Sarin from the NGO.  They further said that the purpose of the rally was to reach out as many women and their families as possible in different socio-economic sections of the society and spread the awareness about regular checkups and treatment. A few survivors also narrated their stories and fight in person at the media meet and it was also shown through screening a film on breast cancer awareness.


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