Navrati Special with Indian and European Platter at London Cafe, Noida

Come Navratras and we start talking about eating vegetables, fruits and all other types of Ghass-Phoos. We all, well almost all of us keep fast and eat special food during these nine days of fasting and praying for goddess Durga.

All kinds of non-vegetarian food, onions and garlic are banned and even eating such food outside our homes is considered bad. This happens twice a year and normally it is a bad phase of all the commercial establishments serving their clients with choicest non-vegetarian food and alcohol.IMG_3840

What do these restaurants do during these days? What else? Serve you with specialized menus serving Navratra foods consisting of Kuttu ka atta, sabu dana, Sendha namak and what not..

Being an ardent follower of Maa Durga, I also follow these rules whole heartedly. Hence when an opportunity to go out and try some Navratra food recently came my way, I happily rushed out to relish some good food.


The location was London Café in Sec-63, Noida. London café started about a year back as a small normal café, and slowly it has grown into a big sized full-fledged restaurant today. It serves Italian, Continental and Indian dishes and is currently trying out new additions to its menu.

The restaurant has Chef Harinder Sharma looking after the food. He is a well-known and well experienced in Italian food and also Indian food. The chef is quite experienced and tries to give people a different taste through this new innovations.

IMG_3828We were here to try out some special fusion of Navratra food with European food. We first tried the special spicy mock-tail made with orange, guava and pineapple juice fused with some green chilies. It was so spicy that my eyes started watering and I hurriedly doused the fire in my mouth with the fresh sweet curd served with the Navratra European platter.

IMG_3830The Navratra European platter consisted of

ROASTI POTATO WITH SPINACH RAGOUT (Potato patty crumb with Samak rice and chopped wilted spinach)

GREEN PEANS HUMMUS WITH KUTTU CHIP (Fresh green peas spread served with Kuttu chips)

GRILLED VEGETABLES SKEWER WITH SPICY CILANTRO SALSA (Pan grilled exotic vegetables skewers with spicy fresh green chili coriander sauce)

FRUIT SALAD WITH YOGHURT DRESSING (Fresh assorted fruit salad served with fresh sweet curd) and

COTTAGE CHEESE STEAK WITH PEPPER COULIS (Peanut and raising stuffed cottage cheese served with fresh bell pepper sauce).

It was yummy and I really loved the Cottage Cheese steak. It was amazing, and above all the presentation was quite artistic. The Chaas (butter milk) added further flavours to the delicious platter.



For the Main Course I chose the Ravioli Alfrado. It was a homemade ravioli pasta stuffed with spinach and corn and served with     delicious 3 cheese cream sauce. The flavours of cheese was natural and the ravioli pasta tasted superb. I think the chef should be complimented for giving the Navratra food such a great taste and flavor.



For the dessert I just chose the Java Cold Coffee and it really was a good coffee. Such perfect coffee flavor is hard to find in most of the Delhi coffee joints and this coffee certainly is going to bring back me to London Café.

My Ratings

Décor : 4/5          Hospitality : 4/5             Food : 4/5         Location : 3.5/5

Address:  H-224F, Sec-63, Opp Ginger Hotel, Noida-31

Note: Images of the dishes are of actual serving sizes.  Review done on invitation from the establishment and views expressed are entirely ours and without any bias. No monetary favour was received.



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