Hair Spa at Park Plaza – Urban Nirvana Spa

The moment one approaches the Spa area at Park Plaza, Zirakpur, a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere engulfs him. Although the fitness center is also at the same floor and so is the All day dining restaurant Essence, the spa area is separate and is quite peaceful. The meditating Budha statue welcomes the visitor and even before a massage session makes his mind at peace.

The spa is divided into two sections – a spa therapy section and the other a Hair Salon. The smiling lady behind the counter greets the guest and discusses the types of massages that the spa provides to the guest. Full body massages, Deep tissue massage, Ayurvedic massage, various body treatments, facials, back treatments, and various types of body scrubs and also the shirodhara treatments are available here. The salon services provided include manicure and pedicures and also Hair Spa.

When I went to the Spa – all the rooms were taken up by other guests and also the Hair therapist was busy with another client. But since he was going to be free in next 15 minutes, I waited for my turn.

IMG_1700I needed a hair cut and a head massage was very badly needed by me after a long long day at the hotel after the full day excursion to Chandigarh. So when the therapist started working on my head, I felt very relaxed and fell asleep during the session. The therapist masterly worked on my head and without waking me up, and finished up his task of the full head spa, dyed my hair, and woke me up only when he needed to wash my hair.

I really liked his masterly work and on his advice took a full body steam treatment instead of the regular hair steam treatment. Seeing my tired cndition he has adviced me to do so, and it really was a great advice. It felt rejuvenating after the steam session was over.

Thanking him after the shower, I went in to visit the massage rooms to have a look and finally returned to the lounge area to go out for our evening trip to the Gurudwara and temple in Chandigarh.


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