Actor Unveiled Theatre Festival

Actor Unveiled is a Delhi/Noida based theatre group and has been floated by Gul Guncha Arts, a media production house engaged in producing issue-based TV programs and series for the last 11 years. Its a platform for people from different walks of society of age group 12 yrs to 75 yrs: professionals, non-actors, actors and students to come together and explore their inner potentials.

The tagline of the group is “Explore your Inner Actor”. Letting go of one’s inhibitions is helping the group’s members unravel their inner being, “the real ME within”.

Every Sunday afternoon, each member reaches promptly at 4pm and for next two hours explores a new world which they themselves create. Every session starts with theatre exercises like zigzag walks, number and name games, trust games, creating stories, group work, improvisations, voice exercises and warm ups and many more.

Few names from the current cast include Ojaswini Gul, M.A Applied Theatre from Shiv Nadar University / Media Professional, Dhruv Sahni, Class X Student at APJEEY NOIDA, Guncha Dwivedi, Class XI Student at Step By Step NOIDA & / Amateur Dance Choreographer/ Television Actress, Parth Sharma, National Cricket Player / Television Actor, Jasvinder Singh, Television Actor,Jayant Gupta, Television Actor, Varnikaa Aurora, Class X Student / Television Actress, Rita Prakash, Retired Educator from St. Columbus, Ishita Srivastava, Engineering Student, Daksh Sharma, Class IX Student , Rahul Choudhary, Student, Gunjan Shukla Sharma, Life Skill Trainer at BHEL, Rita Prakash, Retired Educator from St. Columbus

Choosing subjects having a great social message is one of the USP of the group. Recently on  The 16th & 17th November 2015 the group held its first public performance through the Theater festival at  Alliance Franciase, Delhi

The 1st Annual Actor Unveiled Theatre Festival staged three contemporary plays directed by eminent media person and motivational speaker Kanu Priya and written by Smt. Urmil Satya Bhusan and Ms Kanu Priya.

The dramas left a permanent mark on the memories of theatre lovers who sat through the performances. I was present there too and the play showcasing the psychos of modern day society – The Intimate Liaisons left me mesmerised.

The play explored the darker shades of today’s society and the changing gender dynamics which exist. The story revolved around a court hearing regarding the rape of a prostitute by bisexual business tycoon. Filled with twists & turns, it basically brought out two main questions: Can a prostitute be raped?  And do we have the right to choose our sexuality & sexual orientations?

The performances left me spell-bound. The performance of the artists portraying the Lawyer defending her bisexual client (Ojaswini Gul) and the girls acting as the prostitute or the escort (Gunja Dwivedi) were fantabulous.

‘Shabash Kudiye’ an amalgamation of three short stories. The stories are- Mujhey Kshma Kardo mummy, Makdi and Shaabash kudiye’. Through very powerful display of emotions and acting of the cast,  the three short stories explored many facets of women engulfed in the middle class of Indian society and her challenges. The realistic portrayal of these characters made audience feel an immediate connect with the characters

This was a must go festival for every theatre lover in the town. The group plans to organise various such festivals in near future not only in Delhi but also in other major towns of the country. Ms Kanu Priya furtherr said that her quest for Spirituality and exploring her inner self has helped her form the group. Each member of the group is a professional in his/her own field and to search for his/her inner self and explore activities that they love to do: they have come forward.


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