An Oasis in the Capital city of Rajasthan – Sirocco at Crowne Plaza, Tonk Road

IMG_3906As we entered the newly opened Hotel Crowne Plaza, Tonk Road in Jaipur, the first thing I noticed on my left was the restaurant named Sirocco. Well, guys it was well past lunch time and we have had a long long drive from Delhi – so obviously everyone was looking for food and the fragrances coming out from the open kitchen pulled us in. For us it was like an Oasis in the middle of a dessert.

Located right at the lobby level, Sirocco is an all-day dining area serving exquisite culinary delights in pretty artistic presentation forms. A huge display of many a delicacies welcome the hungry soul as he enters the arena. One can also opt for a-la-carte and also indulge in an interactive open kitchen.

The restaurant is very elegantly designed and can accommodate 100 plus guest at one time and the ever smiling staff is always there. Not a single guest is left unattended. Al Fresco seating facility is also a great option if one feels to enjoy the natural atmosphere along with his meals. The décor has been done very tastefully, plenty of natural lighting and traditional Shekhawati Jaali work all around makes one feel as if he is inside an old and well-kept Rajasthani Haveli.

The décor and ambiance is one of the best in Jaipur, even greater emphasis is on the food and also on presentation. Jaipur is a big foodie city, but with Exec. Chef Vikash Prasad’s expert team, the guest does not have the inclination to venture out in city to try out. At least we didn’t.

The restaurant is very well arranged in terms of the food, and even during very busy times it does not give an impression of being over crowded. Every guest enjoys a lot of space to get his choicest food and drinks. And the ever ready and smiling staff is there to serve you what you want.

While at the hotel we enjoyed major of our meals at Sirocco and tried everything. Rajasthani food was one of the best and authentic that we were specially served (a separate review has been posted on my blogs ( Besides the Rajasthani cuisine, we also tried the Continental and Italian cuisine.

For the lunch on the day of our arrival, it was an introduction. And my expectations grew after the introductory meal. If after shutting its lunch settings, the chef can make his patrons so happy – just imagine what he can do when he is in full flow? And we wanted to experience that in the dinner time.

We were not disappointed; Chef Vikash and team delivered their excellence in form of some amazing dishes and presentations in the evening. It was a mix of Italian and Continental – and believe me folks – if you were there you would have not wanted to move out of the restaurant.

From the expansive menu, Chef Vikash wisely chose out Watermelon Fetta Cheese Salad, Hummus with Pita Bread, Smoked Melon n Walnut Salad, Risotto, and Grilled Fish on mashed potato and also the Chocolate Layered Pastry surrounded by a white chocolate halo. It was one of the best chocolate preparation I have had in years. In fact for all the next few meals that we had at Sirocco, I ordered this Chocolate Layered Pastry for my desserts.

I will not go in the details of the dishes here friends – but I am sure the pictures will give you a true picture of what to expect when you go to savour food at Sirocco.

What??? – still reading my story and indulging in my food pictures?? C’mon guys hurry up and head out to Sirocco at Crowne Plaza, Tonk Road for the bestest of your meals. I am certainly looking forward to another sojourn at Sirocco soon.



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