Kashmir, Mexico n Burmese Food at Global Food Factory

Mr Gaurav Mehta, owner Global Food Factory, Rajouri Garden New Delhi never fails to surprise his patrons. Themed buffet menus has been the forte of GFF and changing the themes often is a significant part of their strategy. Currently they were serving us varieties from Kashmir, Mexico, and Burma.

Our earlier visit to GFF was in July 2015 when they were serving  varieties from Turkey, Thailand, Pakistan and China. The link to the July -(https://exatraveller.wordpress.com/2015/07/26/indias-largest-international-buffet-at-global-food-factory/).

The decor and ambiance hasn’t changed much and it was as inviting as it was in July.

We started with the Starters from their buffet menu and once again it was an endless flow of different dishes coming out of the kitchen. The service was excellent and prompt.

We had Gulmarg Paneer Tikka and Kashmiri Haryali Kebabs. Normally we have found that people serve you almost the same Paneer Tikkas  at different places with different names but the same taste. But this was not the case here – the paneer tasted different because of the use of Kashmiri spices and ingredients, same was the case with the Kebabs.Then we tasted the Burmese Veg Dumplings, these were crispy and the Burmese sauces were yummy. We continued with their Veggie Fiesta Wood fired Pizzas – directly served from the Oven on the main dining floor of the restaurant.

Mexican Garlic Bread, Spicy Tex-Mex Potatoes and Chef special Mushroom and Cottage Cheese followed and once again we overate. We liked the Spicy Potatoes a lot and at the end asked for a repeat serving, which the smiling staff immediately got for me to savour. kept on munching.

Unlike our last visit, this time very wisely we chose not to overfeed ourselves and so it was now time to head for the main course section. The buffet was already laid out and we filled up our plates with  Kashmiri delicacies like the Daal Panchmeal Kashmir, Kashmiri Dum Aloo and Kashmiri Rajma.

It was the best Rajmas I have eaten anywhere in Delhi and reminded me to the Houseboat wallah Cook who made me such tasty Rajmas a couple of years back. The Kashmir Aloo were also perfect – slightly sweet and spicy.

The buffet spread also had Mexican and Burmese delicacies and I chose the Burmese fried rice and the Oriental mixed vegetable dish. I also tried the Vegetables cooked in authentic Mexican style (slightly over-spicy for my tongue).

The salad bar at the buffet area was quite impressive. I was amazed at the variety they had on their salad bar. Fruit Salad, Chinese salad, papads, raita, green salad, oriental chicken salad – you name it and it was there.

IMG_4818We still had the dessert counter to conquer. Varieties of Pastries, frozen fruit custard, choco pudding and also the kheer/phirni from the buffet spread ….. all looked mouth-watering. Being overfilled already, we just  tried a bite of the Chocolate Fudge cake, Black Forest Pastry and the Chocolate and Mango Mousse, and found all of them marvellous.

Just think over it -with a full tummy, the dessert tasted so good,  imagine if we had them before our meals – what the scene could have been? May be we would have just eaten the sweets and felt fantabulous….

The lunch at GFF made us pass through many different culinary zones of world – Spicy Mexica, Bland Burma and mixed tastes of our own Kashmir. The journey through the culinary zones of these places left us mesmerised and our tummy full and satisfied and promising to come again for the next food festival.….

Here are my ratings for Global Food Factory,

Décor : 4.5/5          Hospitality : 4.5/5             Food : 4.5/5        Budget : 4.5/5        Location : 4.5/5

Location : A 15, Ground Floor, Vishal Enclave, Main Najafgarh Road, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi

Average Price for 2 :  INR 1200-1600

Note: Images of the dishes are of sample tasting sizes served to us. Review done on invitation from the establishment and views expressed are entirely ours and without any bias.










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