A Slice Of Assam On A Plate by Twisted Foods.

Hi Folks, I have earlier reported an event being organised in New Delhi for the launch of Authentic Assamese food by an Assamese group of enthusiasts in New Delhi.

The link to my earlier blog is as follows:


A start-up  group of  young and fun people from  various profession — journalist, lawyer, activist, and engineer, from Assam staying in Delhi, have come together to form a brand name Twisted Foods — a platform where one gets home-made meals (delicious, healthy and hygienic) prepared with the freshest of ingredients and of course love.

Being a start-up they do have a few hiccups and have made few simple mistakes but at the end of the tasting session, I really want to applaud their efforts. As promised they served us a few chosen authentic Assamese delicacies made by chef Nasir Yusuf Rahman .

A Slice Of Assam On A Plate was their first attempt to bring people closer to their home state, Assam. A lovely lunch was hosted on November 22, 2015 when a very well planned menu that included both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies.

The menu consisted of Bhaat (steamed rice),  Omitar khar (an alkaline preparation with papaya), Daal (lentils), Jaluk, ada, nohoru di rondha murgi mangxo (chicken prepared in pepper, garlic, and ginger), Maasor sorsori (fish prepared in mustard paste),  Maasor tenga (fish in sour gravy),  Alu pitika (mashed potato), Xaakor bhaji (stir fried grees),  Kon alu bhaji dhoniya aru piyaj di (mini potato cooked with coriander leaves and onions), Bengena bhaja (brinjal fry), Bilahir chutney, gur di (tomato paste prepared with jaggery), Kukurar chutney (chicken chutney), Podina chutney (mint chutney), Tilor chutney (sesame seeds paste), Baahgaaj aru bhoot jolokiar achaar (bamboo shoot and ghost chilli pickle), Tiyoh, bilahi, piyaj, aru gajor’r salad, logot kaji nemu (cucumber, tomato, onion, carrot salad, with kaji lemon from Assam), Payox (sweet rice pudding).

I have been born and brought up in Kolkata and have a great liking for the food belonging to to the North Eastern Sister states of India. An I must say that it was, may be the first time that I enjoyed the authentic Assamese food in Delhi. Yes when we go to Kolkata or other places in North East, we do get lots of opportunities to savour the local food, but enjoying it in Delhi itself was a moment of great Joy.

All my best wishes are with Nasir, Pritisha and team for a wonderful time ahead and may their venture attract a lot of guests and open up the greatness of their home state Assam’s simple and amazing culinary delights.

If you also feel like tasting and enjoying this amazing Assamese food – please get in touch with them at:

Twisted Foods Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Twisted-Foods-302633686461911/?fref=ts







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