A refreshing cup of Tea by TEABOX

I have been a Tea lover since my early childhood. My mother taught me to make my own great cup of tea myself. It is a typical challoo type chai that I am fond of – challoo chai meaning a cup of tea with lots of over boiled tea with very little milk and sugar and spiced with the addition of cardamom, cinnamon, clove, fennel etc.

This was the typical chai that I knew of and relish even now. For me a good, authentic cup of chai was always the one which I had at home and also on street corners, which always was a perfect balance between tea and milk. Nothing wrong with this brewing of chai – and it still is a perfect Tea in its own right. But you do not steep chai, you brew it.

Being a tea lover, the landscapes of tea gardens have always fascinated me. And whenever I got a chance I headed for Darjeeling during my childhood at Kolkata. I also love to travel to the tea estates in Munar in Kerala.

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For me too as I grew up, I started understanding the real taste of Tea. As I started my corporate life after finishing my engineering degree, I discovered different types of tea at different conferences and meetings. It led me to read more about tea and study tea more intently.

Well, enough of my tea-talks. Let’s talk a little about Darjeeling Tea – Darjeeling tea, the Champagne of tea is extremely famous, the most widely consumed, the most expensive and the most exotically flavored tea, available all over the world. The tea grown in the tea estates of Darjeeling in India is not only loaded with flavor and aroma but, these flavors and aromas cannot be replicated anywhere else.

There are five primary varieties of Darjeeling tea, which correspond to the time of year in which the tea leaves are harvested.  The extremely valued “first flush” is usually the finest quality of Darjeeling and is harvested in mid-March after the spring rains, and has a light gentle color and aroma, with a slight sharpness to the flavor.

Recently I got a sample box of some real exquisite and amazing tea collection of teas from Darjeeling, Nepal and the richest Assam tea. I am now going to tell you a little about each of the sample Tea that I had a chance to taste.


Goomtee Spring Black

Goomtee spring black tea brings in exquisite notes of muscatel in every sip. Shining bright with a golden liquoring cup, this tea is manufactured in the Muscatel Valley Division of the Goomtee plantations. Muscatel is very selectively found in first flush Darjeeling teas, however Goomtee is known to product some excellent muscatels every spring. The leaves are typically black-brown with a combination of light-green shades. The flavor is rich and full-bodied with extremely mellow sensations of astringency after a few rolls on your palate. The lingering aftertaste of the tea is delightful.

This tea has a pronounced orange blossom aroma which follows through to the flavour profile. The tea is strongly astringent, very fresh and citrusy. It has a beautiful golden color and a fresh, invigorating fragrance. The taste is very smooth and lemony. Perfect for just about any time of day.

Darjeeling Summer Chinary Black5

Produced in the biodynamic plantation of Selimbong, this organic black tea comes topped with scrumptious flavors of summer. The aroma of the caramel-colored liquor is sweet-smelling and has a biscuity quality about it. Intense notes of jasmine, rose, and sweet berries earmark the palate profile of this tea. Unlike most organic teas, this tea has pronounced flavors and aromatic nuances that offer a highly satiating sensory experience.

This tea is exceptional. I can definitely taste the notes of Jasmine mentioned in the description and the overall quality of this tea is second to none. Perfectly balanced with a delicious flavor profile, this tea has me hooked.

6Tara Chiyabari Spring Black

From Tara Chiyabari plantation of Nepal, this delicate black tea is a remarkable pick. Refreshing notes of citrus fruits outline the flavor profile of this tea. Its mellow, full-bodied liquor boasts floral notes of orange blossom that linger on. This tea signs off with a soothing floral touch on the palate. A low caffeine black tea.

This tea has an extraordinarily delightful floral aroma. I’m not sure that I would have identified the flower as orange blossom (as is indicated in the accompanying tasting notes), but whatever it is, it smells wonderful! The taste of the brewed light golden liquor is slightly sweet and floral, and it glides smoothly over the tongue with no bitterness whatsoever.

Selim Hill Spring Green1

This green tea is exceptional for its bright flavors having persistent notes of cornflower across the flavor profile. The palate notes are distinctly floral with a touch of astringency trailing through it all.

A restrained cup, the flavors reveal themselves unhurriedly. Infusion is smooth, slightly astringent and feels clean on the palate. The cup is bright, full of citrus-floral flavors, and leaves the palate roused, slightly dry but refreshed nonetheless.

A wonderful, refreshing cup of green is what you get from this tea, but follow the steeping instructions carefully, it does tend to become a bit bitter if overstepped, and tastes great with a dash of lemon.

3Deha Spring Green

Grown in the Brahmaputra river valley, this is a non-fermented, organic green tea from Assam. Notes of roasted legume and grass can be relished throughout the cup profile of this tea. Being an organic tea, the liquor is seemingly delicate in look and texture. The taste is marginally astringent, noticeably roasted and grassy in mouth feel – typically of an Assam green tea.

This tea is great. It’s very smooth and easy to drink, with just the right hint of dryness. It has a mild flavor–but not weak. I wouldn’t say it’s complex, but that’s certainly not a bad thing.

Jasmine Jade3


The magical scent of jasmine just takes over your senses from the moment you set eyes on this tea. This dreamy blend of premium green tea and jasmine flower takes you on a flavor journey that’s sure to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. You experience a heady hit of Jasmine in the aroma as well as the taste while mellow nuances of tender greens offer a soothing roundness to the tea. Be rest assured, every sip of this tea gets you just a little bit closer to nirvana, one cup at a time.

The light notes of Jasmine gives you a refreshing and soothing feeling. Haven’t had a fresh green tea like this ever before and totally enjoying it. It’s the perfect tea to start your morning…and the perfect tea to settle down in the evening!

Well, friends I think hot or cold, sweet or straight, chai or green tea, Tea is the number one consumed beverage on the face of the earth. I still am enjoying my exquisite cups of tea from the samples sent by Tea Express Pvt. Ltd, and am sure you will also want to try out the great teas from TEABOX.



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