The new restaurant in town- Public Connection.

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Umang Tewari is known for his exotic stage setups and amazing decors. His new theme based restaurant by the name of Café Public Connection is no different and is a new, unique and first of its kind outlet in Delhi. Café Public connection is jointly owned by Umang Tewari and Neeraj Kumar, where in the idea was given by Neeraj Kumar and finally being executed by Umang Tewari ,

As the name suggests its all about connection and connectivity, and the décor incorporates most of the connectivity options available today, viz. Telephone booths, Globes, Maps, etc. The antique and outdated phones on walls give it a great connective look.

The décor is very nicely done in typical Umang Tewari style.  The café is spread over a huge area of about 8500 sq.ft, and has an outdoor terrace sitting area also. It is divided into smaller private rooms depicting different themes, namely Hollywood, Sports, Politics, Industrial, Retro, and Quickies. The icons of social media which is the in-thing of today’s youth and oldies as well has been put up on the wall of fame on the 2nd floor and caught my attention as soon as I climbed the steps. From the antiquated mediums of connection like postal cards to the current emails and whatsapp, every medium is displayed and represented on various walls in the restaurant. I liked the world map designed using scrapped PCB boards of many mobile phones and computer motherboards.

Café Public Connection has a Multi cuisine Menu which has offering for all appetite. The menu comprises the offerings from Lebanese, Continental, Indian and Italian sections.  Drinks at Café Public connection are surely one of the most head shaking mixologies. Customised Pitchers as London Telephone booths, Popcorn glass inspired from hollywood world, Trophy’s inspired from sports world, Oil cans from industrial world and Multi coloured jars from Retro world are really attractive and different. Umang says that, just like the walls of the restaurant, we make sure that we bring theme alive on the plates and drinks.

We started with a few drinks, and I went in for the Hibiscus-Coconut shake which was lacked the flavours of both hibiscus and coconut. Moving on to the starters, we tried Paneer Chatpata Tikka, Soya Seekh, Fried crispy n spicy Mushrooms and the Cold Mezze Platter which has Hummus, Baba (Ganoush), Tabbouleh, Tzatzika and Muhammara. I really liked and relished the Mushroom dish and the Paneer Tikkas. Soya Seekh was also good and the hummus tasted amazing with the pickle making all the difference.

Moving on to the main course, we were offered Veg Biryani with Raita, Pasta with white sauce and also Pasta with Red sauce. Both the pastas were delicious and specially the red sauce pasta was fantabulously tasty, but I guess Biryani was below average.

What were we waiting for after the sumptuous lunch that we already had? Oh yes, it was time for some dessert, and guys, this was the best serving that we had in the entire afternoon. Chocolate Brownie with ice-cream was super and we all finished it in a jiffy – craving for some more, but we were so full by now that we decided not to go for another serving.IMG_4897

Well, it was a thoroughly satisfying super lunch that we had at this theme based outlet in the middle of the busiest market place in Delhi. The food was delicious, music great, courteous staff, and a perfect host – definitely a big yes, yes for a revisit…


Here are my ratings for Public Connection,

Décor : 4.5/5 Hospitality : 4.5/5 Food : 4.5/5 Budget : 4.5/5 Location : 4.5/5

Location : F 39-40, 1st and 2nd floor, Inner Circle, Rajiv Chowk, New Delhi

Average Price for 2 : INR 1200-1500

Note: Images of the dishes are of sample tasting sizes served to us. Review done on invitation from the establishment and views expressed are entirely ours and without any bias.




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