Organic Body lotion

When I travel, specially for my treks in the Himalayas, the primary skin concern that I have is of Dry skin. It is a big deterrent for travelers like me. Being an ardent nature lover and Organic Farming enthusiast; it also is difficult for me at most of the times to use synthetic lotions and crèmes.

Also Delhi winters, which make my skin go dry make me go itchy at times. Last summer I went to the Kumaon hills and accidently met a IT professional who has now taken up organis farming as his profession. He gifted me some Rose water and Rose oil based cosmetics and lotions, but again those also got over within a fortnight of the 2015 winters.

And now, as I came across the new Organic Harvest Body Lotion, I asked for a bottle of it. Yes folks, I was and am so happy that this offer came my way and I got the product just in time to use and feel good during the onset of dry winters in Delhi. Being a guy, I normally apply body lotion to keep my skin moisturized only once a day, and has been using it for the last week or so. This lotion has a lovely fragranceand is soft and helps keep the skin moist for most of the day.

Organic Harvest Body Lotion is totally free of harmful chemicals and fragrances. Also it uses ECOCERT certified ingredients that are free of fertilisers and herbicides. This particular body lotion contains natural moisturising actives obtained from tamarind seeds which reduces skin roughness and improves skin hydration. It instantly calms the skin and visibly reduces redness and sensitivity. It quenches deeper into the skin to help repair the natural moisture deficiency in dry, dehydrated skin.

This lotion is free of Parabens, mineral oils, and animal ingredients, and the manufacturer strictly adheres to usage of earth friendly practices. Priced very attractively at Rs 695 for a 100ml bottle, it is available in an excellent packaging and a very elegant bottle, and is available in all major cities in India and also online Organic Harvest store ( and other shopping websites.


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