Hudson Cafe

Located in the North campus area of Delhi University, Hudson Cafe is one of the favorite hangouts of college kids for a quick bite. Its located at a very strategic point; you can spot it as soon as you approach Hudson Lane from Vijay Nagar. Although the area is full of restaurants, Hudson Cafe is very popular among youth as well as families. As the lunch time approached, the restaurant got filled up quickly and we saw a couple of people waiting too.

The decor was also quite modern but simple and artfully done. The lighting was perfect – not low as you find these days in some places like this. As soon as you step up on the stair case leading to the cafe, you start getting the artistic feel. A world map on one wall, cafe’s name painted in Hindi on one and the hanging lights and the Victorian styled furniture add to the dining atmosphere.

The menu has a lot to offer, both Italian, n Indian delicacies. The drinks variety is also awesome and the management keeps on introducing new drinks every now and then. Targeting the student crowd, the prices are kept very competitive.

We started with a few refreshing drinks and I tried the Virgin Sangria to begin with, but when advised to try the shakes by the owner himself, I tried two flavours of their Choco shakes – Brownie and Cookies shake and the The Hudson Malted shake. Both were quite thick and amazingly tasty. Just the way I would have liked sipping these shakes sitting on the banks of River Hudson in New jersey USA.

IMG_5271We were served a Mexican Salad comprising of lettuce, nachos, bell pepper, olives tossed in lemon and coriander. It was very well presented and served with proper Olive oil dressing. I was sitting on the other corner of the table and was busy in shooting pictures of the dishes. But it was very difficult as the group I was with seemed very, very hungry and by the time I finished up taking one picture, there always were a few hands pulling away the plate and soon the dish used to vanish.

IMG_5282The surprise and the undisclosed dish of the day was the Mozzarella Cheese Balls. The owner also said that the dish was served on special request of the Chef, and I relished and loved the cheese balls so much that this time I behaved like a hungry kid and after the first bite – jumped on and filled up my plate with more; leaving nothing behind for the rest of us.

I then had to call the owner and request him for fresh servings and at least one plate being served separately to our area of the table. Soon I had the Salt n Pepper Veggies on my table and also the Cheese cigars. The cigars served with sweet chili sauce were amazing and the best starter of the day.

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I loved the Veggie Attack Pizza that they served me. It was a lovely thin crust with nice veggie toppings. though it got cold by the time it managed to reach the end of table, it still was quite delectable, I only wished I had a bite of the hot slice. Basil Pesto Pasta followed, but I guess I could have given it a miss, they could have made it a little more spicy. Baked cheese nachos followed and they helped change the mood which was slightly upset because of the pasta. They were light and crispy, the nachos were not soggy and it was a perfect plate; exactly the way it should be.

We moved on to the main course now. I was surprised to see Pao Bhaji served as a main course dish. It was a fantabulous dish though. I was not expecting  such a great tasting Bhaji at a joint like this. I also tried the Stroganoff and as usual got full by this time.

IMG_5303Though normally I wouldn’t give desserts a miss, but here I had to. Choco Brownies with Vanilla ice cream was served in a big bowl and again placed at the other end of the table. Also I was getting late to attend another event nearby, so I bid bye-bye to the owner and also to the organizer of the event, Ms. Roma and left the cafe with a promise to come again…


For the Non-Vegetarian lovers – the cafe is heavenly – I could sense the fun n excitement my fellow group members were having and the feel of satisfaction and the amazed looks were telling all the stories. There were chicken dishes and Fish dishes served on our tables and at the end – every empty plate on the table had a similar story – Tasty Fantastic Sumptuous Relishing …..

My Ratings : 

Decor – 4/5                Ambiance – 4/5       Food – 4/5       Hospitality – 4.5/5

Address: 2524, 1st Floor, Hudson Lane, Delhi University-GTB Nagar, Delhi

Cost for two Rs. 800

The review was done on invite from DFIM. The images of the dishes are of original ones as served to us and to other customers. No monetary returns were received for the review.



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