Phillumy styled – Filmy Cafe by DeeZ’s


The Filmy Cafe by the house of Deez,  the newly opened cafe and bar is based on a theme;  Phillumy – combining both Hollywood and Bollywood in the heart of city, Connaught place, to be precise right in the PVR Plaza building. Filmy Cafe & Bar is a fresh venture by Thakur Bhuvan Singh from the esteemed & pioneered DeeZ Biryani/ Kebab/ Curry. Situated in the heart of Delhi, it will surely catch the eye balls of every movie buff.

The decor was fabulous and set up with the theme in mind. Walls embedded with famous Bollywood & Hollywood movie posters with quirky dialogues and props like Amir Khans’s PK radio, war helmet from 300 etc. caught everyone’s attention. With simple seating arrangement, having cushions printed with bolly-holly movies scenes matches with the essence of the place.

One section was dedicated to Bollywood and the other to Hollywood. A small dance floor was also set up but the music played was a bit too loud for us and also for the small compact L shaped space.

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We all were welcomed in real bollywood style – filmed with the clap boards and most of us enjoyed shouting FILMYYYYY while being filmed. As we entered the cafe, it was as if we have entered a cinema hall with displays of different nicely framed filmy posters and the lighting also creating the effects of the main screen area inside a theater.

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Menu was extensive with usual selection of starters, pizzas and burgers. We quite liked the Oreo n Chocolate shakes. Mango Shake was also fabulous. Paneer Tikka was great in flavor and grilled just the right way to my liking. Nachos served with the sour cream was just about OK, it would have had been excellent with more generous topping. Though I enjoyed Vegetable Salt and Pepper and Green Pesto Paneer burgers but found the bun to be a little hard.  Chilly Mushrooms were a bit dry whereas Chilly Potato were well prepared and very tasteful.

The most important thing I want to mention here is this that if you are expecting the greatest of the smiling faces to welcome you to a restaurant and if you want to be served in a royal style  – then this is the place to go for; don’t miss Filmy.

Say FilmyThakur Bhuvan Singh, owner of Filmy was present himself to look after the guests and at one time – he himself went and fetched me the Chocolate shake that I had ordered as the waiters were slightly busy with so many of other guests during the launch party.

This gesture of Thakur Bhuvan really bowled me all over and I am sure to visit the cafe whenever I am in CP area and whenever I go to PVR Plaza for a movie. Thanks Mr Bhuvan!!!

The evening ended with the traditional cutting of Cake to mark the LAUNCH in full Phillumy style……

Notes :

My Ratings

Décor : 4/5                   Ambiance : 4.5/5        Food : 4/5     Service : 5/5

Address : PVR Plaza cinema building, Connaught Place, New Delhi.


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