Exotic Food at Flluid at Mosaic Hotel, Noida

Mosaic hotel in Noida has an incredible ambiance. The exteriors match aptly with the name and the hotel situated very close to the Metro station is the best in the area offering a great relaxing atmosphere for the guests with luxurious rooms, free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs and minibars, as well as sitting areas, and tea and coffee making facilities.

The hotel has two up to date restaurants, cafe/lounge with a pastry shop, an outdoor pool, an exercise room, a business centre and complimentary parking. Flluid, one of their flashy restaurants recently launched their new Menu and we were invited to taste delicacies from their amazing menu.


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Flluid is located right behind the lobby and can very easily spotted and approached as you enter the hotel. The décor of the restaurant is fabulous. It has very comfortable and relaxed seating. They have luxurious large sofas, high chairs and tables in the dining area. The restaurant opens to an outdoor swimming pool of the hotel. At the pool too a guest can relax and dine on the lounging gazebos and chairs there. The hanging lamps give you a very glowing golden look.

In a nutshell, a guest can always enjoy a modern cuisine, great ambiance, space and privacy when dining at Flluid. As part of their new menu, Flluid now offers a fantastic range of fusion food. The menu has been designed keeping in mind the Indian Palate and also given a twist with the fusion.

We are Indians, and we all are Desi at heart. At the end of the day, we all crave for our desi Indian tadkas and spices. And I guess for every human – it is normal to long for his native food. So what would you say if you are served an experimental food combination of your native food along with international flavours – yummmmy. Yes, friends it’s a heavenly Bliss.

The new menu at Flluid is designed keeping these views in mind. Artistic presentations, great taste, perfect concoction of cuisines, down to earth prices makes one very happy here. All the international flavours and cuisines have been perfectly blended with the Indian flavours.

Executive Chef Vijayant is one of the main architect here for the new menu. Its a really commendable job that the team has done. Flluid normally serves all kinds of food in the Indian, Mexican, Lebanese, Thai and Continental cuisines. The new menus have all these delicacies with a Desi tadka.

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With the new menu – even a normal Burger becomes fantabulous. We loved the burgers the way they were presented and served to us. Three small sized burgers in different colours – white, red and green – all having three different flavours. Green was spinach flavoured, red one was of Beet Root flavor and white of Naan flavor with spicy paneer fillings. I personally loved the Beet Root flavour but the green one was a close second. You see, you are eating a burger but feel like eating your normal veggies.

Being vegetarians – we were served only the vegetarian selections and we had Quesadilla, Enchiladas, Sandwiches, Hot Dogs all stuffed with vegetable and Paneer fillings made in typical and traditional desi style. The spicy fillings added flavours and amazing tastes to the international delicacies. I loved the Enchiladas with a matar-paneer filling. It was as I was eating my favourite matar paneer sabji rolled with paranthas, made just the way my mother makes at home.

The service was great – superfast. Imagine you are shooting the dish on your table and the next one arrives. When do you get time to eat? In fact at one point I had to request the waiter to relax, wait and bring the next dish only when we have emptied the first tasty dish on our tables. The plates were artistically presented and we were enjoying shooting pics rather than eating the dishes. The taste was amazing and equalling the presentations and we were relishing every dish which was served with a smile.

Various kinds of props were used to make the food look fantabulous, snacks in miniatures of antique iron (used for cloth pressing), food on Chakli (used for making rotis), French fries in Shopping trolleys (used in malls & shopping centres), beverages in  boot shaped glass, glass with a skull etc. Even the Caesar Salad serving was so artistic that it took me a few minutes before I could dismantle the presentation and eat it.

IMG_5846The dessert section was again a great innovation – Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake. It was a mix of our desi dessert Gulab jamun fused with cheesecake on a cookie base, served with a strawberry sauce – giving it an entirely international look and taste. It was an outstanding dessert, though I would have preferred a fresh fruit sauce with a slightly contrasting taste to make the dessert sweet as well as tangy.

Well once you are served a dessert, this means it is now time to say bye-bye. So we finally bid bye-bye with a promise to come back with our loved once again to relish the fantastic food and courteous service here at Flluid.

For more information, please visit: http://mosaichotelsgroup.blogspot.in/


My Ratings

Décor : 4.5/5           Ambiance : 4.5/5              Food : 5/5            Service : 5/5

Address: C-1, Sector 18, Noida, Delhi NCR

Disclaimer : We were invited by the management to review the new menu and the pictures are of real size servings. The views are my personal ones without any bias and no monetary favours were received.


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