Veda at CP celebrates 10 years

The first thing I noticed as I entered Veda, was the royal beautiful interiors. The colorful mirrors and chandeliers and the ambiance bowled me all over. The ambiance very aptly matched the Royal Mughlai cuisine that they serve here. The tables were stunning with exquisite black and white inlay work.

Veda in CP is a high end fine dining restaurant owned by celebrity fashion designer Rohit Ball. It is decorated with shades of reds and with lots of mirror and chandeliers and candles lit all around you. The mirrors and the light play a game that makes you feel like you are really in a medieval era palace. In short Veda has the sexiest atmosphere of all the other restaurants in the area.

Recently we were invited to be a part of the 10th Anniversary celebration of Veda. They made a special menu for us. The restaurant, famous for serving some fantastic Indian cuisine made us forget even the home made food that we have daily. Just like a meal at home, the serving size was ample, and I had to request them at one stage to please stop bringing heaps of food one after the other.

Coming now to the food that we relished at Veda, it all started with a Litchi based mock-tail. Let me mention here in the beginning only that I am a non-brain eater (i.e. a vegetarian) and also a teetotaler. So we only had mock-tails and vegetarian portions from the special menu.

So on to the litchi based mock-tail – it was a great drink, a mix of icy litchi syrup and cranberry juice. I loved it and wanted a refill, but by this time we already were presented with another mock-tail – the Apple and cinnamon mojito which had bits of fresh cinnamon. Now it was very difficult to judge – so I gave both of them equal marks and declared two winners.

We moved ahead and we had the Amuse Bouche, the Pudine Matar ki Galauti with Philadelphia Cheese. We don’t normally see and serve such a dish in a typical Indian menu, but I am glad they served us this. It was a great tasting dish and followed by an equally great dish, Paneer on Fire (or the Chilly Paneer as we all know it). Even though the serving was enough to feed 6 of us on a table – it vanished between two of us only and we wanted more of it. Malai Broccoli followed and its was also very good.

We also had the Blooming onions, but the onions were too pungent n bitter, and I guess the chef hadn’t tasted them before serving it to us. Could have been avoided.

Asparagus Shorba followed, but I somehow was not happy with the taste. The lentil base made it quite thick and the Asparagus flavours were not evident. Then we waited eagerly for the live demonstration of molecular gastronomy with our next dish, the Nitrogen Palak ki Chaat. It was prepared live in front of us. The making of the Chaat was definitely a visual treat. It tasted good as well. Crunchy and flaky palak, it was the best among the starters.

Well with so many tasty and fabulous starters and also the big serving size, we were already full and I wanted to call it a day. But then Mr Aman Sahni insisted and we tried the mains that followed.  Daal Veda, Paneer Kundan Kaliyan, Veda Dum Aloo, Baby Veg Masala and Crispy Okra were some of the items served in the vegetarian section along with a basket of Indian breads containing Naans, Paranthas, Kulchas  and Rotis.

The food was all delicious but the Crispy Okra was the King of the main course. Full of flavours, it was great – crispy, and fresh. I am a great okra lover – and have had different kind of preparations with the veggie. And this was one of the best preparations I have ever had.

Ohh! did i forget to mention the tatty Veg Biryani here.. If at Veda – you cant miss it – perfect biryani – only the second best in town…

Mr Aman was still with us and made us go for another drink and then it was my favourite time of a meal – the dessert time – and we had the Litchi Tehri. Presented in a martini glass, the dessert looked as good as it tasted. Being an ardent Litchi lover I relished the dessert the most and was the happiest person on the table. It was very different from the usual, and the Rabri and litchi totally complimented each other. Though we were offered Gulba jamun also, I instead greedily asked for a  refill of the Litchi Tehri.

It was gonna be tough to move out after such a sumputous meal, so we just sat there for another fifteen minutes chit chatting and finally moved out, promising Mr Aman to come back soon. I think we’ll definitely be heading back to Veda – it has plenty for a vegetarian like me. Amazing interiors, super service and fantabulous food. Veda was great, the atmosphere was pretty cool, lots of Westerners, and the food was really good.

My ratings:

Ambiance : 4.5/5    Decor – 4/5     Food : 4.5/5     Price : 3/5   Service : 4.5/5

Address : H 27 Outer Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi.

Disclaimer : We were invited by the management on their 10th Anniversary to taste and review the food and the restaurant. Pictures are of real serving sized and no monetary benefit was received. Review based on personal experience on a particular day and only for the mock-tails and vegetarian food.

Photo Credits : Mr Parej Chamaria

Pictures contributed by New Vision Photographers.















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