Authentic Italian cuisine at Italiano


“Aunty the cake is very  tasty”  was the first thing I heard when I entered Itialano, there was this group of 8-10 kids celebrating their friend’s birthday  and one of the happy kid excitingly telling this on top of her voice to the host kid’s parent-this certainly raised my expectations and made my taste buds impatient .IMG_0069

I was early then my scheduled time, the place was packed and buzzing with life .it was thanks to the management’s thoughtfulness of reserving our table in advance, that I managed one for us.

Italiano at cyber hub, 1st floor Gurgaon have its distinctive presence among the cluster of restaurants. It’s bright and cozy ambiance is very inviting. There is something casually warm feeling about the brick walled earthy place that instantly unwind you.  Simple décor is enhanced by lamps, paintings, vases and plates with slogans .Sitting arrangement is divided – open air…

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