What 2015 was for me – as a Blogger!!!

12465005_10208407200677519_1356737044_oWhoooaaaah!!!! What a year it was? Shifted office thrice, switched to online reporting (blogging) where I was my own editor, extensive travelling and loads n loads of new contacts through blogging.

What else can one ask?

I love meeting new people –  and truly speaking blogging has helped me meet so many of them right here in our won Dilli – so many good friends – bloggers, restaurant owners, GMs at hotels/resorts and PR friends now.

All thanks to a small trip to Sitlakhet in May 2015. It all started in the month of May when I went on an exploratory trip to Sitlakhet along with two bloggers, Maneesh Srivastava and Ayushhi Anand.

During the three days we were at Sitlakhet, we talked and talked during all the free talk time that we had (guys we had no proper mobile network, no TV, no Wifi), and I learnt a lot from Maneesh about blogging. Though I had tried my hands at blogging earlier, but gave it up as the response was not up to expectations.

But listening to these guys experiences, I thought of giving it another try and this time genuinely and it all started when we returned to Delhi.

I started reporting my travel experiences and connecting with various PRs. Results soon started tickling in and lots of invites started pouring in. Though most of these invites were local only and for Food reviews, but then a few were of travel too. So there I was travelling to destinations on my own and writing features at my own leisure and comfort. No time frame or the tension of my editor calling me for submissions/ editing/ editing of images etc.

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Yes, as I told you just now, a lot of invites for Food reviews were coming in. Normally I used to review local cuisines only in my features, but now it was the turn of all kinds of delicacies in a metro town like Delhi, Mumbai and others.

After consulting a few friends I started on this culinary journey as a blogger, and today I am very happy to have done that. My sincere thanks go to Maneesh and Ayushi, who were the first ones to get me into this.

Cruising at a fantastic speed on this journey,  I was very lucky to have met people like Sheetal, Ambika, Vickrham, Amogh, Charu, Roma, Shruti and many many more fellow bloggers and who are very good pals now.

Not to forget the so many nice and fantastic PR friends – Veta Ratra, Neha Behl, Meghali Banerjee, Megha Bisht, Malvika, Pupul, Abhinav jee, Madhupriti, Tarveer, Garima, Rajeshwari, Arul, Manali, and so on and so on, the list goes to infinity.

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I would like to mention a few names from the food industry here too – Varun Puri of LCA AirBar and Imly fame, Aman Sahani from Veda, Vishal Singh Saini at Road Romeo, Rohit Malhotra at Barcelos, and many others – all good friends now.

I would also like to name a few hotels and restaurants which according to me have been my favourites in 2015 –

To top the list I have to name The Tamara, Coorg as the best followed closely by The Crowne Plaza, Tonk Road, Jaipur. And among the restaurant in Delhi it was Ambrosia Bliss, California Boulevard, Lights Camera Action and Imly sharing the top honours.

Well, there were some nightmarish experiences too, I do not want to name them or single them out here – Let me just forget those experiences as bad dreams.

I hope I have not bored you folks by talking so muc about my blogging expeditions – and if I am right, please let me know – I have many more issues on similar lines which I can talk about and entertain you…….  LOLzzzz







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