Get your Smile back @Apollo White Dental Spa

IMG_6131What’s the second best thing that you can do with your lips – yes it’s your smile, smiling is what you the second best with your teeth. Did I hear you ask – what’s the first best? Well, let’s leave it for some other time, let’s focus on a smile here. And when you smile, the person in front of you sees your teeth – beautiful teeth or may be irregular not so beautiful teeth.

So what do you do if you have ugly teeth? Go for a treatment? But then there is this fear and anxiety factor; how to overcome it? Well, no need to worry now, you have Apollo White Dental Spa and with the advent of technology, getting the most beautiful set of teeth is much easier and painless.

As a child, I also was always afraid of visiting a dentist’s office, and a very painful Root Canal Treatment at one of the local dentist left me fear the dentist’s office even more. So when I was asked to visit Apollo White Dental Spas to review the services that they offer, a feeling of unwanted fear engulfed me. A flashback of a smelly dental clinic started rolling in my mind and the sounds of the drill started echoing.

img_6129.jpgBut the moment I entered Apollo White Dental Spa on GK1 main road, the fears vanished. I felt as if I was visiting a luxury hotel lobby. It was spacious, colorful, and had a plush and a very soothing ambiance. The old boring atmosphere inside a doctor’s clinic or a dentist’s office was missing here.

Welcomed by smiling Ms. Samta Marwah, Senior Guest Relationship officer, I was introduced to Dr Prabhjot Kaur. I was taken around the spa by Dr Prabhjyot. We started with a visit to the spa room where you can avail of a complimentary pedicure and manicure along with a massage chair to enjoy with music in the background.

We then went into the room where they have installed the Cone Beam CT machine and then proceeded towards the most important area of the clinic – the Dental treatment rooms. But, hold on, I was asked to put my feet into a machine kept at the entrance to get my shoe covered with a polybag. This ensures that the dental treatment area remains clean and hygiene is maintained.

We then continued our familiarisation round up and visited all the six procedural rooms with reclining dental chairs, and the laboratory with an in-house autoclave unit. It really was an impressive setup that they have here. The most striking feature of the spa was that each room was designed keeping in mind the requirements of various age-group patients.

IMG_6125The kid’s room deserves a special mention here. The kid’s room had a caterpillar chair, with a display monitor where the kids can watch their favourite programs or even play games during their treatment. The team of Pediatric Dentists at the spa ensure that each child is treated in a way that his/her visit is more of a fun and educational experience.

Apollo White Dental Spa, a part of the Apollo Hospitals Dental care chain is spread along the length and breadth of the country delivering quality service to all its patients. The hospital group runs 20 dental centres all over India. All the Apollo Dental Spas are equipped with the latest technology- the dental chairs, instant CAD CAM crown machines, crowns aligners, digital Orthopantogram, Cone Beam CT and implants, etc.

Apollo White Dental Spa is known for its wide range of services, namely Aesthetic Dentistry, Laser Dentistry, Smile Designing, Pediatric dental care, Gum Care, and specialty treatments. At any given time two dentists are always available at the spa so that patients don’t wait for too long.

As the treatment starts, the dentists first tries to understand and asses the needs and desires of each patient and then decide on the treatment plan. A full oral assessment and a well-planned course of treatment are chalked out.

Everything looked updated with the modern technological equipment, but I still wasn’t convinced. The fear factor was still making me nervous to ask for a sample treatment. But they offered me a simple teeth cleaning and polishing service, which I reluctantly accepted. In this process they clean your teeth of all the plaque builds up that result in cavities and gum diseases.

Trying to hide my fear, I sat down on the dentist chair and closed my eyes as Dr Prabhjot started her dental examinations and treatment. As expected a lot of flaws were observed and reported and I was advised about the remedies that I can opt for at the Spa. Dr Prabhjot then proceeded with the cleaning and polishing cycle which continued for about 15-20 minutes.

The process of cleaning lasted for 20 minutes and I could hardly feel anything. Do I need to mention here that not even for a second I felt anything – no pain or irritation during the entire 20 minutes? Though Dr Prabhjot has advised me to raise my hands if I feel any kind of pain, but it was not required at all.

Whenever I have gotten my teeth cleaned and polished earlier, it has always given a tingling sensation to my teeth. But here, it was a total hassle free treatment, with no such sensation. It took 20 minutes for the descaling to be done and I realised, not just the equipment which is modern/latest – the dentist too has a great work of hand. For me it sure was one of the most wonderful and painless medical treatment I have ever had.

So folks, believe me, overcome your anxieties and visit Apollo White Dental Spa for a painless, courteous and bestest services in a relaxed environment.

Address: R 45, Greater Kailash 1, New Delhi 110048

You can read more on their services as well as latest technology here:



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