The Penthouse – Lounge n Bar in GK 1, New Delhi

As I drove into the lanes into N Block GK1 market, the neon light signboard at the Penthouse attracted us.  This is the newest entrant to the now buzzing market here and certainly is going to be a tough competitor to the innumerable lounges that we see today across Delhi. It certainly had the hypnotic pull with the classy looks of  a very well equipped English Bar with dark coloured decor and dim lightings.

This address has the Pout cafe on the ground floor. Penthouse is the lounge situated on the floors above. Both the establishments are owned by Mr. Sunny Bhatia.

Penthouse is spread across 3 floors and also has the terrace arrangement with high table and chairs. It was a wintery evening when we went there and we opted for the Terrace. The terrace was an amazing place and ideal for a chill out evening with friends. The market view from the top is fabulous. The covered area also has tastefully done interiors.

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The other floors had stylish and aesthetically pleasing interiors. There was a wooden cabinet on one floor with classic books and small models of vintage cars. It made me feel as if I was in my living room at home and just wanted to settle down in one of the luxurious sofas with a book from the self and slowly sip my drinks and enjoy my dinner along with the soothing music. But it was not my home, so I just took a few pictures and moved back to the terrace to join my colleagues to savour the finger licking starters that they had started to serve.

It was one of those rare cold evenings this year, and having travelled from the other end of the town, I was longing for some hot drink and was soon served a steaming hot cup of coffee. I coolly settled down in the soft sofa  inside the covered section and leisurely enjoyed the coffee first.

The menu at Penthouse was simple and quite affordable. Just like a normal Bar menu, you find quite a variety of beverages here. The food menu was also very impressive consisting of  Starters and Small Plates each having three sections – From the East, From the West, and From Home. But we had a pre-designed fixed menu which had the highlights of each of these.

We started with mock-tails and slowly started enjoying the complementing starters that were served along with my Penthouse Julep, a blend of apple, orange, pineapple juice and fresh mint. We had Paneer Tikka, Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese rolls, Galauti Kebab, and mixed veggie Dimsums from the vegetarian section.

Being vegetarian, we feasted only on the vegetarian starters and were thoroughly satisfied with the taste and quality. Though we feel that the chef needs to look after the marination of the Paneer tikkas though. They were quite dry and we had to leave almost a full plate.

Veg Dimsums were the best starter that we had. The one with a sweet corn feeling was outstanding and we went in for a re-order of the Dimsum basket.  Dimsums had a very thin covering and fresh natural flavours inside.

Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese Rolls were also amazing, perfectly crisp and were stuffed with broccoli, cheese and jalapenos. Galauti kebabs were ok, noting very special.

Normally I am full by the time I finish up your drinks and starters at a Bloggers meet. But here at the Penthouse, I had heard a lot about their thin crust Pizzas and the Thai Red curry. So I was very selective and careful not to over-stuff my tummy.

I wasn’t disappointed with myself. The Veggie Pizza was superb here. Thin crust and cheesy with generous helping of the toppings, it was superb. The topping was full of nice veggies like mushrooms, baby corn, zucchini & bell pepper.


We then had Thai Red Curry with steamed rice. Unlike the other Thai curries served at most of the restaurants, this was a perfectly blended curry with a fresh coconut  milk base. It was a perfect dish and we actually relished it. Lemon grass did wonders with the flavours to the dish.

IMG_6211Next on the menu was Singapore Hot Pepper Noodles. This also was amazing. If given a choice I would have preferred to have this dish alone and just enjoy it along with the drinks. It was wholesome n bursting of flavours with veggies. It gave all kinds of tastes – Sweet, Sour, Salty and Tangy.

Well, the menu didn’t have any choice of desserts for the bloggers meet, and this really left me with a sad feeling. No meals of mine are complete without a Papad or a sweet dish, but unfortunately we missed these here. I had to be content with an ice cream later on, on my way back home.

It was getting late and also quite chilly on a January night in Delhi, se we thanked and bid goodbye to Ms. Veta, our lovely host and left with a promise to come back again and try out the indoor sitting area for our next meal at the Penthouse.

Our ratings :

Decor : 4/5              Ambiance : 4/5         Hospitality : 4.5/5          Food  : 4.5/5

Address : N Block Market, Greater Kailash 1, New Delhi

Note: We were invited by the establishment for a bloggers meet, and the contents are based on our personal experience. The review is fully unbiased and no monetary returns were received.

Photography by Pradeep Chamaria

All images are copyright protected- any unauthorised usage will invite necessary action.


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