The question of swachh n hygienic Toilets when you travel…

Imagine the follwoing scenarios :
You, your wife n daughter are were travelling together on National Highway, it would have been just easier to change the diapers in clean bathroom and dispose the diapers, the right way. But you just could not find a decent place, specially when the daughter was getting uncomfortable and irritated. You have to stop the car, change it near by, then start looking for a Coffee Shop and dhabas where even truckers were not stopping.
During a road trip, a friend of yours getting severely infected due to the use of a dirty and unhygienic toilet falling on his way. And guess what, the group had to cancel their plans even before they touched th destination.


Dont these incidents persuade you to answer the budding issue of unhygienic loo. Or think of the call which our PM has given – Toilets for everyone. Imagine what can be the scene at villages where there is no toilet available.

Leave aside a village without a toilet, think of the above situations when you are stuck on a road or a highway when nature calls you for an urgent ANSWER. Yes, this has led to the inception of PeeProvider – an application that helps you to find the nearest loo which is also rated by the user whether it is well maintained.

This APP is also inspired by the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan undertaken by The Indian Government and they wish to contribute in this ambitious plan of making toilets accessible to women travellers.

This user friendly application is available on iOS, Android platform and enables you to locate the nearest loo by allowing access to GPS on your handset device.

Considering, the increasing number of women employees and road travelers, it has become vital to address the issue of unhygienic loo. This is just a start of achieving a bigger aim of making loos accessible and helping in locating toilets to the women travelers. Join hands with us in this initiative by adding toilets that are near to you and also rate them after every use.

For further information, please visit:


You can also download the app at:



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