Irish ambiance @Butler House

Last year when I visited Glasgow, Scotland, I got a chance to visit many a pubs/bars with Irish themed decors. But that was at Scotland, and being so close to Ireland, it was not a surprise. Here in Delhi though, I was surprised to visit one such bar/restaurant in Punjabi Bagh area. The décor at Butler House has a thrust on Irish interiors be it wall hangings, or the bagpiper and the quotes on the walls.

As soon as I entered this place I could sense the Irish feel, a nice open bar serving good as well as not so good mock tails n cocktails. The place serves amazing food with a smily service and the ambiance makes you feel amazed.

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I was told that Butler House is a new outlet that fairly opened about 5-6 months back and serves great fusion styled services. I was attending a bloggers meet and was escorted straight to the third Floor, where the meet was on. It was a mesmerizing atmosphere inside the big wooden doors, and with many a whiskey and beer quotes on walls and on the roof top. The music was also not very loud and kept the party mood on.

Lets get to the F&B section now.

I had the Watermelon Mojito, Green Apple Mojito, and the Orange based Mojito. The Orange based Mojito was a killer – perfect mix of real orange and soda.

When the staff learned that I am a vegetarian, they took special care of me. Rajma Galouti Kebabs were served on my table sizzling hot with salad. They didn’t look very appealing to the eyes, but were full of flavours and I finished up the entire serving in one go.

The Butler House Veg pizza served next was also a great preparation. It literally had every vegetable on it as toppings. Thin crust and perfectly done. Quickly they got me the Red mini Burgers on my table. Served with a big portion of salad, the entire serving looked fantabulous and tasted amazing too. The beet root flavor was so evident and the buns were crispy from outside and soft from the inside and were paneer stuffed and served with a Peanut based sauce. The peanut based sauce made all the difference to the amazing taste.

I had a choice between the Roasted Almond Pistachio Salad and the Classic Caesar Salad, and I opted for the Roasted Almond Pistachio Salad. It was a great salad, but I personally would have preferred more cut veggies tossed into it along with the nuts and leafy veggies.

In the meanwhile on a table at the far end, in a private sitting area the management introduced their collection of Cold Pressed fruit/veggy juices called MyGreens. I collected some sample bottles and relished all the three flavours that I could clinch away from the display area.

It was time to shake a leg for some time now, and we went for the floor. Watching youngsters enjoying the music and dancing was more enjoyable at my age now, so I got back to me table and soon was joined by two more senior bloggers for a mutually satisfying conversation.

I was now getting late for another event, so requested the Chef to start serving the Main course and of course the Mains of the main course – The desserts.

They did not have much choice for the vegetarian in the main course though. It was Dal Makhani and Shahi Paneer only with a bread basket having Khameeri and Sheermal Roti, Nan and normal Tandoori roti. Also tried a few bites of the Schezwan Styled Fried Rice.

Nothing spectacular about the main course. I think a lot needs to be done about the vegetarian selection in the main course. The Schezwan fried rice was still the best of the entire serving. The non-veg section seemed amazing, as I could see many a fellow bloggers feasting on the non-veg servings.

IMG_6272Quickly finishing the food, it was time now to have KUCH MEETHA, and we were served the Sheer Korma (Seviya), Tiramisu, and a surprise dessert – the Murgh ka Halwa.

At first I thought it’s a type error, but when checked – it really was Murgh ka Halwa or the Chicken Halwa.

The Sheer Korma and Tiramisu were amazing and the besties of the event. Korma was perfectly sweetened to tantalise my taste buds and was nicely garnished with almonds and had a rich Cardamom flavor. The Tiramisu was also great, had an awesome coffee flavor which I have seen missing at many a restaurants.

Now was time to do some research on the Murgh ka Halwa. It looked typically like the traditional Rajasthani Moong ka Halwa, but the twist was the mixing of Chicken keema along with the Moong dal. It looked tempting and there was no smell or look of a chicken in it. If I hadn’t seen the name on the menu as Murgh ka Halwa, I am sure I would have tried atleast a spoon of it.IMG_6283

It was time now to leave and I did leave with a promise to come back again someday with my family and enjoy more amazing times at the Butler House.


My ratings:

Décor : 4/5            Service : 4/5           Food : 4/5

Address : The Butler House, Club Road, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi

Photography by Pradeep Chamaria for exatraveller.

Disclaimer : We were invited for a bloggers meet by the management and the review is done purely with no personal favours. No money exchanged hands and the views expressed are entirely ours.

Please refrain form copying any content or images and from misusing them.



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