All Women Sculpture show @Trilogy of Expressions

An all Women Sculpture show at the Sculpture courts at Triveni Kala Sangam, Tansen Marg, New Delhi is currently being held from 20th January 2016 to 29th January. The timings to visit the exhibition are 11:30 AM to 6:30 PM.

It’s an all women show put up by three women from different walks of life who have come together to put up this spectacular show. TRILOGY OF EXPRESSION is to celebrate the continued vibrancy and influences of delicate human emotions and response to inner as well as outer world. This is an exhibition of human emotions, expressions and sensibilities as seen by three women sculptors. They have different styles of working, their own way of expressing themselves through their creations. Different styles but the result is the same when these talented women unite and you see wonders being created.

The Trio exhibition curated by Sheela Chamariya have Christine Margotin, and Geeta Juneja as the other two participating artists is an all women exhibition. The exhibition showcases the brilliance of Women power of creativity. They individually cultivate and express their unique thoughts, and ideas. Each one of them has their own definition, refinement, and nurturance.

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The 25 odd works by three women sculptors offer a rich tapestry of expressions and perfectly reflect their individual moments in exciting depictions. Famous classical Dancer Ms Sobhana Narayan was present to officially open the exhibition by traditionally lighting the Lamp. All the three artists also lighted the lamp to inaugurate the exhibition.

Works of Sheela Chamariya visually enchant us and their intent capture our imagination to our core. She chooses to narrate her soft delicate world through the strength of bronze, with prominent lines and flat surface, assigning language that have soothing and sublime feel to offer on the retinal level, and at the level of heart and mind they instil us a curiosity of rare kind where one start getting signals from one’s memory and there is instant connection to her narrative to one’s own narration. Thus creating within us a fresh ground where one becomes truly appreciative of her playful but intense creative process, a process in which certain things are being retrieved and at some time being created as well.

Her work seems to transmit certain vision and emotions with purity. Her creative journey exude a sense of joy in her expression, ‘let’s play’ a mother playing with her child is portrayed just by body language and lyrical nature of lines, simplification of forms and vibrancy.The moments in a male-female relationship are captured in all their languid sensual beauty as they entwine on several planes in the set titled Moments. Sheela is most experienced among the three participating artists of these three women show. She has shown her work through 14 solos and more than 50 group participation at reputed centers in India and Abroad.

Christine Margotin is a French artist who lives and works in India. Originally from Lyon and after living for 15 years in Paris, the artist settled in India with her family in 2009. She relied on the fertile ground of the country to develop and grow the expression of her art. Christine is partly a self-taught sculptor who works mostly with bronze. Christine Margotin has exhibited her works in solo and group shows including the India Art Fair in 2014.

Christine Margotin’s sculptures and installations are immediately recognizable by the way they capture authentic, beautiful or touching moments in a photographic manner. The positions’ accuracy is reinforced by the candor and the empathy that emerge from the expressions of her characters. Finally, the colour patinas of her bronzes bring an energy and a modernity very specific to Christine Margotin’s work. From the beginning, Christine Margotin expressed herself on her favourite themes: childhood, water, Indian roads, love and spirituality.

Geeta is a graduate in English honours has also done a two year diploma in Interior design, and is a self-taught artist like other two participating artist .she has been participating in group shows like Sahitya Kala .

Geeta Juneja’s abstracts are sensuous and suggestive; her works are inspired by her own thought and mood. She is an artist who traverses the regime of abstraction. The intrinsic individuality of shapes and compositions is what defines her work. Somewhere it gives viewer an impression of assemblage as seen in ’Aristocrat’ and few others, which then is rendered in a very subdued surfaces. Her works are essentially bold. Viewer gaze into the multitude of distorted features in sync with each other and defined; leading to subjective interpretation the emphasis is not only on expression but also on the spaces and forms which create an aura of its own.

The Trio exhibition organized by Sheela Chamariya is an exhibition of human emotions, expressions and sensibilities as seen by three women sculptors. The exhibition will be held at the Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi from January 20th and is on till 27th Jan 2016

The attraction of the show is the Installation put up Sheela Chamariya depicting the extinction of Sparrows from the city. She says that feeding birds have always made her happy. She has been feeding them for years, though there had been a gap because of the disappearance of the little sparrows from the Delhi atmosphere. Various reasons have been cited by the environmentalists over the past few years talking about almost a 50% drop in the population of sparrows. It never was a cause of concern for her, but suddenly one day it struck her and today as it bothers her. Huge trees everywhere in the city – but the sparrows are missing. The sweet sound of them chirping is missing.Citing the main reason for this, she has put up the installation suspecting the mobile phones and mobile towers for the disappearance.


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