CheesyMaxx Pizza @Pizza Hut

I was invited at the Pizza Hut in CP to try the new CheesyMaxx Pizza range. We were offered a seat on the first floor of the establishment to give us the privacy.

I really liked the professionalism of the staff here and they explained us the details of the new pizza patiently.

Like a normal review session we started with the starters and the drinks. On offer were variety of flavoured milk shakes and some exotic side dishes from the regular menu.

We started with Garlic bread with three different toppings and flavours and I must say they tasted amazing. Next was the Cheesy Paneer Pockets. Tortilla bread made like a pocket and filled with paneer and veggies with a spicy sauce. This was a great side dish and I went in for two servings, though I was constantly reminded by the organisers not to over eat the side dishes. We next had the potato wedges, again a fabulous dish. Though they could have made it a little crisper. I could see soup being served on other tables, but somehow I didn’t like the looks of the mushroom soup being served, so I gave it a miss.
Instead I had the traditional Tomato soup, which was just ok.

We then finally had the main dish; the CheesyMaxx Pizza range. The Pizza Base of this range was made with 3 kinds of Cheese: Mozzarella, Peruvian Cream and the spicy and tangy Texas Cheese Sauce, and served on a medium pan crust.

I had the veggy version and it was awesome. Sorry Domino’s and other Pan varieties of Pizza Hut itself – from now on its gonna be the CheesyMaxx Pizza only for me.

For the desserts, I tried the Cookie based dessert, served with vanilla ice cream. We also had a Tiramisu. Though dessert time is my favourite during a review, I was not satisfied here with the Cookie with ice cream dessert, but I relished on the Tiramisu.

I am sure the CheesyMaxx Pizza is going to pull me back to Pizza Hut.


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