Exotic Diamond Jewllery at Jewelsify.com

Diamonds are the best friends that a female has, and all of us know that the best way to please a girl is to gift her a Diamond. Valentine’s Day, the most important Romance season is just around the corner and Jewelsify.com has very appropriately chosen this season to launch its new Diamond Jewellery Collection at New Delhi at Grub House, Rajouri Garden.

Mr Hardik telling the different colors of diamondDuring the launch Founder of Jewelsify.com, Mr. Hardik Kapoor very correctly said that “Jewellery purchase is an emotional decision as well as a huge investment. So, it is important that the consumer is not only aware of what they are buying but also taking the right decision. Jewelsify today enjoy a strong association and trust, thus we felt the need to educate our clientele on gold, diamond, solitaire and the available options to help them make an informed purchase decision. Every piece at Jewelsify is certified BIS, IGI, EGI or HRD and solitaire by GIA, IGI, HRD. Being the 5th generation into jewellery business, we have inherited the responsibility of providing quality and priceless jewellery products.”

Jewelsify possess a legacy that facilitates them in mastering the art of casting stones into precious ornaments.

Keeping the important festive weekend in mind, the jewellery is designed to keep in mind the women who love to get noticed. Your pretty lady can surely perk up her style quotient with these gorgeous jewellery pieces which compliments any Indian outfit. From ultra-classic to flamboyant woman, the piece of jewellery is perfect pick for any women for the perfect traditional yet glamorous look.  The new Range of rings and earrings expresses femininity, elegance and a great style. The collection is a perfect blend of classic yet contemporary gold. The designs are for the daring, stylish, down to earth women.

About Jewelsify.com:

Jewelsify.com, an e-commerce Jewellery brand, earned global reputation as the most trusted brand. The jewellery is certified by IGI, EGL, HRD and GIA and hold top lab certificate in quality design. Jewelsify.com promises to offer a delightful customer service not just in terms of designs but also helping them choose and shop over a wide range of products at their display online.

Website: jewelsify.com


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