Big Fish Ventures APP

Umang Tiwari is a known name in the Restaurant industry today and also his addiction for new experiments with the decor and new technology is also known to everyone. In todays world we have more time for our mobile apps, and virtual friends, and we tend to eat, sleep, and spend maximum of our time on our smart phones.

Umang Tewari also feels the same way and said that it is tech world, we like to do everything on phone. Right from selecting where we want to go, what offers does particular place have to payments, world is getting simpler with button on your phones.

Big Fish ventures owned by Umang Tiwari, runs some of the largest premium dining lounges in Delhi like Vault Café, Garam Dharam, Junkyard Café,, Public connection. Big Fish also plans to launch new brands like Oh My god (OMG), Three Pegs Down and more.

With above brands in operation and new launches in pipeline, Big Fish will clock sales of over 50 Crores in FY 15-16 and over 150 Crores in FY 16-17. Big Fish currently employs over 500 people and services.

Big Fish ventures launched its mobile application to provide seamless booking and payment experience to customers. Bollywood actress and the Queen of millions of hearts worldwide, Kangana Ranaut was present during a glittering cremony at Junkyard Cafe to launc hthe App.

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Currently it services over 60000 people every month across our outlets. It wants to create a mobile only social community for followers of their brands to take their feedback, give them new offers, provide updates on events and launch loyalty benefit programs. They will bring over 2 lakh customers on our mobile app over next 4 to 5 months and will be doing over 3000 table reservations per day by March 2016. They plan to invest over 3-4 million dollars over next 3 years . This app is available on Google play store and Apple Store and anyone can find the app by searching “BIG FISH VENTURES ” . Customers will also be updated about promotional activities and events at all the cafes . The points can be redeemed at any of the outlets like Garam dharam , the junkyard cafe , the vault cafe , cafe public connection etc. Also Big fish ventures Mobile application gives 5000 redemption point offers which one can redeem at any of our outlet, all one has to do is to download it.


  • Simpifies Reservation
  • Quick Visual touts of all Big fish Restaurants
  • All informations regarding events a download away
  • Preference to customers who are using Applicatons
  • Discounts and Promotional Offers
  • Redemption of Points at any of Big fish outlets

The mobile app will be a one stop reservation and loyalty app for all cafes and restaurants under big fish ventures. It will allow consumers to gain on their spendings in terms of points which can be utilised for discounts and deals  on their next billings . They will also get priority in reservations.The app will increase business By bringing together the existing loyal customers and also roping on new customers through the benefits of the loyalty program the business will increase with loyal customersmore than just one time users .

Big Fish Ventures are a hospitality group having varied conceptual cafes and restaurants hence having them all under one app will be beneficial since the places provide different experiences at each cafe .

On the other hand Big Fish’s founder Umang Tewari said “We want to become a Super Brand creator in Indian casual dining, café and lounges space. Our team will create, build and operate over 40 outlets by FY 17-18 under brands created by us. Each outlet will be known for its prime location, unique concept, world class food quality and unforgettable service experience. We will be investing over 200 crores in building our outlets and will clock gross sales of over 500 crores by FY 18-19”

The launch was at Junkyard Cafe, CP New Delhi.

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