Thai Food Promotion @ Mosaic Hotels, Noida

Like any artistic creation, great cuisine comes from the heart & is fueled by passion. And at Mosaic Hotels, their in-house chefs at Flluid do just that. This time they have tried to replicate the authentic Thai tastes. I have had a chance earlier too to try out the fusion menu at Flluid, and as usual the current Thai Food promotion was a thoughtful marriage of fresh ingredients & simple cooking.

I have talked about the decor and ambiance of Flluid earlier, so am gonna skip it. Link to my earlier review is –

This time Mosaic Hotels proudly presents the tempting flavors of Thai cuisine. During the month of February, the expert team of Chefs is trying to spice up their customers taste buds with authentic Thai delicacies at Flluid and Latitude restaurants. These authentic dishes are going to be perfect blend of ingredients that tantalize and balance the taste with bursts of sour, sweet, salty and tangy flavors as well as interesting textures. The distinctive strong aromatic herbs and spices make these cuisines extremely tempting.

The complete meal will be offering a traditional Thai special 3 course culinary experience comprises of Appetiser, Main Course & Desserts. Appetiser will have a wide variety of salads, soups and specialties like Thai High Satay, Kai Krob, Pla Nung Makham, Porpia Chae and Satay Che to choose from. The main course will comprise of sumptuous dishes like Thai High Chicken, Kai Krob Makham, Pla Tom Som, Pla Krob Makham, Phad Phak Ruam Mit, Thai Flat Rice Noodles, Steamed rice and Jasmine rice. It is followed by mouthwatering desserts like Coconut Mint Souffle, Sticky Rice Pudding and choice of ice creams.

It was a Wednesday when we were invited for the review. And as I don’t eat on Wednesdays, my colleague did all the tasting and the views expressed here are hers only.

IMG_7020But it will not do justice if I don’t mention about the sweetest gestures on part of the management team at Flluid, they made it sure to serve me fresh fruits and fruit juices – normally consumed during fasting days. I thank them from my heart for the gesture.

Coming to the promotion, we were welcomed with a drink, Litchi Paradise, a delicious mock-tail made with litchi syrup. The menu was simplistic and covered the best of Thai cuisines. Fresh elements and ingredients as well as exotic vegetables and meats offered us a large variety of options. Delicately prepared, flavours from hot and spicy, touches of tangy and sour to sweet were perfect. The food was authentic and the flavours exactly like one gets in authentic Thai cuisine.

We started with Porpia Chae, Thai Spring Rolls. The wafer thin vegetable spring rolls were done perfectly. The filing comprising of vermicelli and vegetables and the crispiness made my colleague go in for a second serving. Next to follow, the Tom Kha Phak, a spicy clear vegetable soup with coconut milk flavoured with galangal was perfect.

Next we had Thai Som Tam,  a green papaya salad which was spicy and topped with peanuts The spicy raw papaya salad was crafted with perfection and was tempting enough to opt for another serving.

We eagerly waited for the main course to be served now. And we weren’t disappointed. For vegetarians, it consisted of Phad Kraphawed Plik Sod (Mushroom in sweet basil with fresh green chilly), Thai Flat Rice Noodles and Khad Phad Kraphaw (spicy fried rice with hot basil). And this made my colleague busy again savouring all these delicacies with me just trying my hands at a plate full of Papaya.

IMG_7047She now was waiting for the most important section of any of our meals – the Desserts. We were served the Coconut Mint Souffle. It was a perfectly balanced dessert with right amount of sweet content and the coconut flavour was distinctive. I just sat there and watch her finish up the super duper dessert in minutes.

Another event to attend, so we left in a hurry after thanking Barkha, Executive Chef Vijayant Rawat and Marketing Manager Ms Divyajyoti for a wonderful meal and also for the sweetest gesture and concern for my hungry soul.

I will recommend this place to anyone who loves well-cooked Thai food. Flluid at Mosaic is one of the best restaurants in Noida, where experiments with different cuisines reflect a thoughtful marriage of fresh ingredients & simple cooking.

My Ratings

Décor : 4.5/5          Hospitality : 4.5/5             Food : 5/5         Location : 5/5

Address: Flluid and Latitude, Mosaic Hotel, Noida

Dates: February 08 – February 14

Timings: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Cost for 2: INR 999 plus taxes

For more information please visit :

All pictures are copyright protected – photography by Pradeep Chamaria

Note:  Review done on invitation from the establishment and views expressed are entirely ours and without any bias. No monetary favour was received.

Pictures of some non-vegetarian dishes:


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