Fantabulous Brunch @Uzzuri Deli n Bar

Well, in the modern tech age that we live in, it’s difficult to get all your family members together at one place. We don’t even have one meal together (out of three daily ones), we go to the family functions as individuals, and family vacations also don’t see everyone present. Sadly the process of growing up also, when we as children get involved in our own interest and activity has taken away this simple pleasure of family outings.

We are all busy in watching cable TV,  or chatting/WhatsApp  with our never seen virtual friends, or just counting the number of virtual likes on my FB posting. As someone very truly said that the only way to get a family together today is to  go the room where your wifi modem is and switch it off. Within minutes, he said that all your family members will come into that room, and you can have a family get together.

Another thing which disturbs a normal family get together is the mobile phone and the unwanted marketing calls (Even after a Do Not Disturb registration). In fact just as I am writing this feature, a call disturbed me, with the caller trying to con me into buying a property in Noida sect 142.

That’s the scene guys, so how can I expect to enjoy a sumptuous breakfast or a brunch on a holiday with my near and dear ones. Truly speaking,  we all are running around today for one thing or the other. I often see people combing their hairs in a bus/metro or their cars. Taking a bite of the parantha in a car, or sipping coffee is very common today. This also results in lot of garbage being thrown on roads by so called busy people (and that includes me too).

So when an invite for a Breakfast/brunch review came my way (to go as a family),  I happily went for it. At least I expected to have a peaceful brunch with a few of my near n dear ones with nothing else on my mind. We headed toward the Uzzuri Deli & bar, located in the heart of city –CP. This place is really easy to locate as it’s right on the main road. It’s cute, cosy and warm with a bar upstairs. This two storey café have a very comfortable and an old world feel ambiance.

Our elaborate English breakfast/brunch starting with spread of cereals, fruits, crispy bacon, baked beans, to the options of various egg preparations- a whole lot of mouth-watering n comfort food.

First thing on my plate was a freshly baked, just out of the oven Chocolate croissant which was delicious, one of the best croissant I have had to date. Then came the veg salad which was fresh and good. Next we were served with toasted bread with four variants of flavoured butter. I tried pesto and it was quite flavoursome. We were also served Potato Rosti which turned out to be my favourite very well plated, crisp and rightly seasoned with green chutney. It was so delicious that I had to go in for a repeat order.

Pancakes were luscious in taste, warm fluffy topped with icing sugar and maple syrup. Waffles were equally good. The best part of the place is desserts. Banoffee pie and chocolate velvet cake (bite size). The Chocolate velvet cakes were just fantabulous, just one bite, and believe me it was simply irresistible and very addictive –divine is the word.

Fully satisfied not only with the food but also with the warm and efficient service, and I promised myself while sipping my cup of double espresso to come back soon. But I sincerely hope that they add up a few more vegetarian items on their menu.IMG_7218



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