Auto-Decarb – Revolutionary Engine Cleaning System

In recent years Pollution, degradation of the environment and other aspects related to ecology has been of great concern. Depletion of ozone layer, the fear of Global warming has been the main topic of many a big summits.

With the modernization there has been an increase in demand of luxurious livings, transportation and working atmosphere. But this comes at a cost. And over the years we have seen the degradation effects.

So what is the solution? What do we do to save the Earth for our future generation? Various govt. organisations and National Green commissions have been taking measures to overcome this problem.

Vehicular emissions have been a major cause of the degradation of the air that we breathe. Formulas like Odd-Even, increase in levies to own a car, etc. have been tried but to no avail.

Well I guess that instead of these measures, we should look into the root cause of pollution. With time all the machines develop certain by-products which are the root cause. Like in vehicles, the carbon deposition in the engine is one of the major causes of harmful emissions and also in lower performance.

So what should we do – Scrap this vehicle! Or go in for a re-conditioning! Reconditioning is an expensive solution, so are we left with the only option of following unplanned govt. plans like ODD-EVEN!

Well, well don’t worry solutions have been found and a new revolution in technology has been unveiled. They come up with an idea of DECARB – i.e. De carbonization of the carbon deposits inside the engine.

Pure hydrogen has been used to remove impurities on the solid surface in archaeological, semiconductor and computer electronics industries. The hydrogen atom reacts with carbon, silicon and oxygen atoms to form volatile molecules to remove the impurities from the solid surface.

Coming to the issue of using hydrogen in cleaning / reconditioning of Vehicle Engines, this seems to be a great option. General Optics Corp. Taiwan, (GOC), a global provider of key components for both Hydrogen utilization and production has developed an eco-friendly engine cleaner HGCR for petrol as well as diesel engines.

Autodecarb Brochure_Version Mail

6 page brochure

4. The principle of hydrogen engine cleaning

Let me not get into the technical details of the process. It will become boring. So to summarise it in a nutshell – Water is used in the machine as the cleaning solution. The machine breaks the water constituent – hydrogen and oxygen in atom forms and hydrogen is allowed to enter the engine chamber.

And as you might also be aware that the petrol we use is a mixture of C4-C12 hydrocarbons. What are hydrocarbons? Are you asking me that? – Well, basically they are compounds of hydrogen and carbon.

Also no engine runs on full efficiency and as a result incomplete utilization of the hydrocarbon in an engine chamber, results in a deposit of carbon particles inside the chamber. And these carbon deposits are the main culprits who pollute, emit harmful gases and also damage the engine.

When we inject hydrogen in the chamber, a chemical reaction breaks up the H2 into active hydrogen, which now reacts with the carbon deposits or sludge and forms a gas (HC) and eventually into CO/ CO2 and water vapour, which then get discharged from the exhaust system.

The process is gaining popularity across major Asian countries, and now MOHITE INDUSTRIES LTD. In India has come forward and in collobaration with GOC, they have introduced AUTO-DECARB in India.

We recently had a chance to see the Auto-Decarb machine at the Auto-components show in Delhi and also talk to Dr. Shrikant Patankar of Mohite and also with Mr Richard Miao, President of GOC. Both of them explained to us the details of the equipment and the technical principles involved in the process.

Mohite Group has been entrusted with the responsibility to market HGCR machines in India. With proven reduction in CO emissions, the HGCR machine cleanses the catalytic converter in the exhaust system by removing the carbon micro films accumulated. Taking the message of Clean Engines for Green India forward, it will provide treatment for all vehicles after every 40,000 kms at any time. Spreading these machines across the Indian Continent will help create a pollution free and greener environment as well as efficient vehicles.

At the expo, Mohite group also showcased one more product of theirs, “Drapez”, the best curtains that a car can have. They are the best protective curtains and are much better than the now banned Films which we used to put on our glass windows. (Please see the attached pdf file for more details).  drapez leaflet

What? What did I hear you say? You also have a problem of low performance and harmful emissions from your vehicle. Don’t worry; the solution is just a call away now. You can get in touch with the regional offices of Mohite and they will send their team with the DECARB HGCR to your place and provide you with an economical option of cleaning your vehicle’s engine.

An approximate cost of cleaning an engine will be around INR 2500 and it takes only a few minutes to do this. Compare this with a huge cost of around INR 25,000 and atleast 4-5 days of the traditional reconditioning job.

So folks, don’t Pollute any longer, call Auto-Decarb and contribute towards a better and cleaner ebnvironment.

A little about Mohite Indistries Ltd.

MOHITE INDUSTRIES LTD., based in Kolhapur, Maharashtra was founded by Mr R. M. Mohite in 1990 as a very small venture, but with the visionary planning it has flowered today into an empire. The group has its presence marked in the fields of constructing earthen dams, textile, infrastructure, hydro-energy, agro, mining and the automobile industry.

According to the Chairman of the group, Mr Shivaji Mohite, the automobile industry in India is one of the largest automobile markets in the world. This billion dollar industry is an opportunity to for us to reach new heights of success. A long-term collaboration with GOC (General Optics Corporation), a Taiwanese manufacturer shall create new business opportunities as we foray into another diversified sector i.e. Mohite Motors Private Limited.

He further said that, “We also envisage becoming one of the most sustainable companies in this nation. I am extremely Proud to take up the responsibility of spreading the message of ‘Clean Engines for a Greener India’ far and wide across the country. Together we can create better and efficient vehicles for a greener and pollution free environment.”

Notes : All pictures are copyrighted and owned by PCP-Exatraveller. Pics by Parej Chamaria, shot on ASUS ZENFONE ZOOM.




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