Relish the flavours of Dilli 6 @ DeeZ Biryani | Kebab |Curry

12742662_10208797316430169_7546374067924543574_nBiryani is a mixed rice dish in India. It is made with spices, rice, and meat or vegetables. Pulao is another mixed rice dish popular in Indian cuisine but both of these have differences. When we talk about Biryani, my mouth starts watering, and it is watering even now as I am writing this feature.

Though Biryani is traditionally a Non-veg dish, we do get vegetarian versions at almost every place in India. In Delhi too, we get a lot of options for a vegetarian biryani. One such place to get amazing vegetarian biryani is DeeZ Biryani | Kebab | Curry. Deez is the leading and largest organized Biryani chain in Delhi & NCR. Besides varieties of Biryanis, complete range of Mughlai dishes which include kebabs and curries are also available at Deez.

Recently Deez introduced a special Mini Handi Meal for all their esteemed customers across Delhi NCR.  Giving the real flavours of Dilli 6 to their biryanis, they are offering the same old magic of old Delhi with the launch of Deez dilli 6 biryani available at all of their outlets.

Delhi is a synonym for tasty food, and the yummy street foods of Dilli 6 are world’s favourites. Delhi, earlier known as Shan-E-Hind was home to many a royale families, and Delhi has always been known to be very particular about its food. The magic of Dilli 6 food hypnotise people from all over the world.

Deez launched its special “Mini Handi Meal” of an all new Biryani range, inspired by rich heritage of Old Delhi for all non veg lovers. Though their menu has more number of amazing non-veg biryanis, the options for vegetarians is also not lacking. They have 4 varieties of veg Biryanis to choose from.

We recently had a chance (thanks to Ms Neha Bahl of Qube Communications) to relish two varieties of Veg Biryanis of Deez. The amazingly tasting biryanis were surely a delight for everyone’s taste buds in my family.

Two awesomely delicious varieties, Deez Vegetable Biryani and Pakistani Vegetable Biryani were delivered to my home. The presentation was amazing, they were delivered in mitti-ki handis (Mud pots) covered with Red cloth having a traditional print. It was like sitting in a friend’s house in old Delhi and eating authentic Biryani prepared fresh by his mom.


Deez Vegetable biryani was full of flavours and had loads of nuts and veggies. It was a fantastic serving of garden fresh subzi, cottage cheese, basmati rice, delicately flavoured with secret herbs, spices, rose water and saffron and was  cooked in a mitti-ki-handi on a slow fire in a clay oven. We opened the sealed earthen Biryani Handi at our table and relished it with gravy.


Pakistani Vegetable Biryani again was cooked in a mitti-ki-handi on a slow fire and had Basmati rice, potato, tomato, loads of Panner, green chili & other fresh vegetables delicately flavoured with secret sindhi herbs & spices. We relished this variety too with gravy.

Personally speaking I liked the Deez Veg Biryani more than the Pakistani version. The Pakistani variety was spicier and very high on Garam Masala. I think a raita, butter milk, or plain curd should have been served with it and it could have made it more tastier.

Though the handis were of medium size and meant to serve two persons, the quantity was enough to serve four. We in fact couldn’t finish both the handis during our dinner on a Sunday evening, so we refrigerated the left overs, micro-waved and had them again the next morning.

So friends, go ahead and Relish “Deez Dilli 6 Non Veg Biryani” at the earliest. They are priced at just Rs. 275/- ++ (small handi) with authentic flavours which is rich with healthy ingredients like Cinnamon, Green Cardamom, Curd, Green chilli, saffron, chicken, egg and other herbs and spices.

Available at: All Outlets of Deez Biryani | Kebab | Curry, Delhi/NCR

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