Ever since Unplugged Courtyard opened in CP area, I wanted to go there. Lavish launch parties, Shahrukh Khan Event and many invites, but I just couldn’t manage to go. Watching videos and pictures posted by others often made me jealous. But then finally one lovely evening in early February it happened and we went to enjoy the lovely ambiance and great hospitality. And believe me buys, it was worth the wait.

Located right in the middle of CP, close to many other pubs, eateries and shops, and in the vicinity of Odeon Cinema, UC has an amazing ambiance. The place has a rustic look and the courtyard area of the restaurant is quite nice. Sitting under the huge neem tree in the courtyard area and enjoying food from the live kitchen area could be quite an experience. The colourful furniture, umbrellas and props hanging from the tree, the UC scooty all added to the beauty. And with the lightings it looked even more hypnotising.

The indoor area is also quite nice with classy n comfortable sitting and pleasing decor. Also, there is a bar in each section. There is also a terrace area with a BRAAI (Barbecue grill) for those who wanna enjoy the sun and open skies. I found the courtyard area and also the terrace area pretty suitable for winter days, perfect area to sit out in sun and enjoy the quirky drinks and lavish food that they serve. Also could be very good during the approaching summer evenings – oops, summer is already here – so for the current season evenings.

We were there for a review, and as soon as we approached the place, we were greeted warmly by Mr. Sunil, who was with us all during our time at UC, and we also had a chance to meet Exec. Chef Bappi Da, and it was nice to chat with him in Bengali.

We started with a few drinks. I tried their Oriental Bloom and Virgin Mojito mocktails.  The Virgin Mojito was quite nice, and the Oriental Bloom was a perfect fusion drink.  Litchi juice was used as the base with rose water and lots of ice it was flavoured with star anise and kaffir lime leaf. The singular flavours of each of the constituents (each of them individually very strong flavours) were balanced perfectly in the drink.

It was time now for starters and the very first serving of Chili Paneer in a Ghonsla floored us completely. It was the Chili Paneer Ghosla, a basket in form of a bird’s nest made of noodles, filled with chili paneer cubes and topped with a slice of cheese. The presentation was awesome and so was the taste.

Cheese cutlets served with a syringe filled with cheese sauce, Achari Paneer Tikka, Thai Spring rolls, and a mixed stir fried vegetable platter from the live Barbeque grill followed which never gave us a chance to take a breather between one starter to the next. The service was prompt and Chef Bappi was there to explain every dish.

I personally loved the Achari Paneer tikka, the achar flavours were so distinctive and wonderful. The perfectly marinated soft paneer cubes just melted in our mouths leaving behind the aroma of home made achars. Divine! was the feeling.

Moving on to the oriental flavours, I was a little disappointed with the Thai Spring Rolls, but then the Onion n Cheese Dimsums with black bean dip made us go yahoooo. The Dimsums were really well-made, the coating was thin and the fillings were juicy and flavourful. I could feel the pungency of onion on one side of my mouth and the cheesy tingle on the other.

The dishes of the main course followed in quick sequence, and we had Makhani Paneer, Dal makhani, Bhindi fried with a basket of mixed breads. As usual we had enjoyed the starters so much that we just took one bite of each dish for tasting. You see, we wanted to enjoy the amazing molecular desserts fully.

IMG_7460But before the molecular extravaganza began, we opted for the fried brownies with crème. Fired brownies, yes dear Fried, they were delicious and the sweet whipped crème added wonders.

Moving on, we had the chef roll a trolley to our table and a visual spectacle started. The desserts were created live at out table side and the first to come were the Liquid Nitrogen Lollies in three flavours, chocolate, kiwi and strawberry. The flavoured crush is squeezed on a tray which is already super-cold using liquid nitrogen, and the syrups freeze instantly.

We travelled back in the time frame into our childhood days, when we used to enjoy the flavoured lollies. If you are in your twenties, and don’t recall it during your school days, don’t worry – this was quite prevalent in the 70’s and 80’s.

IMG_7466Now was the time to turn up some more live show; the making of the UC cake. This was done by freezing chocolate cake with liquid nitrogen, and topping it with frozen whipped cream. The most interesting bit is where you have to take a hammer and blast the cake to shards. My colleague hammered it so hard that it broke in pieces that went flying everywhere. My clothes, Sunil’s dress and my colleague’s face were snowed white with the frozen whipped cream. It sure was a delightful and tasty scene.

Though I am not a non-vegetarian and normally you will not find much about non-veg food and cocktails in my reviews, I want to add about an uniuq way of serving a non-veg dish at UC. Also, I want to add on the various props used here for different purposes. So please read on guys…..

Aam aadmi Chicken  I guess Arvind Kejriwal will have a heart attack when he comes to UC and sees this. The presentation of the dish was unique and interesting manner. The server carries the tiffin wrapped in a red cloth and tied onto a stick, slung over his shoulder. I was briefed by Mr Sunil that the dish in itself is very interesting, consisting of a mix of butter chicken, tangy tomatoes, lachcha paranthas, rice and dal. And we could see quite a few satisfied customers on table near us.

Props : Interesting ideas and various props added to the uniqueness of UC.  Some of them are:

1) A miniature garbage box (used by MCD cleaners in Delhi to collect garbage) to stuff all your used paper napkins and disposables form the food,

2) Indigenous replica of a water jug at a roadside dhaba – used as the spoon/fork and paper napkin holder,

3) A small bucket with FIRE painted on it (a normal Fire preventive measure) used to hold spicy sauce bottles,

4) The bill being served in a miniature post box.

Guys, I am sure you must have started envying me by now. Don’t envy, don’t be jealous, call your boy/girl friend/wife/husband and enjoy at Unplugged Courtyard.


My ratings:

Décor: 4/5      Food: 4/5     Hospitality: 4.5/5    Location: 5/5

Address: Near Odeon Cinema, L Block, Connaught Place

Pics by Pradeep Chamaria Photography – exatraveller. Combined shooting by Pradeep and Parej.

Disclaimer: We were invited by the establishment for a review. The views expressed are entirely based on the day and time of the review and are personal experiences. No monetary exchange between us and the establishment.
P.S> Video clips of the spectacular making of the Desserts follows…………



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